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Good morning Loves.  We’re into December and it’s the time of year when people look back on everything they’ve done and accomplished over the last twelve months.  Some people reflect on what’s happen to them and some people make a list of all the new things they want to do over the next year.  I like to do both.

What did you achieve this year?

Not to brag or anything but when I look back on 2014 I can’t help but be proud of myself.  Last year I definitely got out of my comfort zone and although it was terrifying at first, I’m happy I did.  I’m the kind of person who likes to be in a routine and I don’t really like change too much.  However this year I really wanted to try a few things that make me really uncomfortable to see if I could grow out of my un-comfort zone and get comfortable, specifically when it comes to social activities.

Attend at least one working social event.  Over my decade of professional experience I have been to several conferences and although I attend the workshops I usually avoid the social activities at all costs.  Small talk makes me uncomfortable and the idea of making small talk with strangers terrifies me.  This September I went to FinCon in New Orleans and surprisingly I went to three different social events.  It was definitely uncomfortable at the beginning but I learned the key is to focus on a few people and make conversation about things you are passionate about or have in common.

Networking.  Another one of my fears is going up to people and making conversations happen out of thin air.  However I have to keep telling myself that everyone else is there to do the same thing so it’s not awkward if people expect you to come and chat with them.  I met a lot of great people and I even got a few jobs out of my last networking event, so all in all it was a good reason to get out of my comfort zone.

Joined a gym.  This was definitely something new to me.  I have had gym memberships in the past, but it was always at the same gym.  Moving to a new neighborhood and joining a new gym was definitely out of my comfort zone.  However I’m adjusting surprisingly well.  I like my new gym, it’s small and the staff are extremely friendly.  There is nothing like the natural high and excitement of working out.  It also gives me something to look forward to every day.

What do you want to do next year?

In 2015 I am going to work towards becoming debt free.  BF and I got into some debt with our move and I want to have it all gone by the end of the year.  Debt really stresses me out and I want it to be gone as quickly as possible without having to sacrifice too much of my current lifestyle.

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