Here Are The Top 10 Money Affirmations

Rolls of $100 bills

Rolls of $100 bills

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Money affirmations are a powerful way to change your mindset around and relationship with money. Keeping money affirmations in mind during your daily routines will help you focus on how you are spending your money and on how to make more money when the opportunity arises. Here are the top ten money affirmations that successful people use to grow and maintain their wealth.

Money Affirmation 1 – I am a money magnet.

One of the most powerful money affirmations to use is to see yourself as a money magnet. You have to convince yourself that money flows freely to you and that you can remove any barriers that are preventing you from reaching your financial goals. Release any resistance to attracting money towards you and be prepared to capture that money when it is within reach.

Money Affirmation 2 – I am making more than I am spending.

Knowing that you are making more than you are spending will give you a sense of financial freedom that those carrying debt do not have. If you continuously make more than you spend, you will always have enough money to live comfortably and will be able to manage your finances without fear or anxiety. If you are currently spending more than you make, you should make it a priority to cut expenses and increase income as soon as possible.

Money Affirmation 3 – I deserve to be paid what I am worth.

Many people sell themselves short when it comes to being paid what they are worth. Employers and job recruiters know this and sometimes deliberately lowball their offer to avoid paying people what they are worth in the interest of saving the company money. Do not be afraid to turn down offers that do not adequately compensate you for your skills, time and knowledge.

Money Affirmation 4 – I am wealthy in many ways.

The amount of money you have is secondary to living a rich and full life. What good is having money if you cannot spend it on the things that make you happy? Keep in mind all of the ways that you are wealthy beyond money, like having the love of family, the companionship of friends, and the ability to enjoy new experiences.

Money Affirmation 5 – I am grateful for what I have.

Focusing on the positive aspects of your life can help instill a sense of calm and positivity around your financial situation. Keeping a positive mindset will help you avoid damaging behaviors that limit your success or take you backward. Take time every day to be grateful for what you have now, regardless of what may be coming in the future.

Money Affirmation 6 – Money well spent will be multiplied.

If you want your money to continue to grow, you must learn how to spend money wisely so it helps generate more prosperity. For example, spending money on education is multiplied when it comes back in the form of a higher income or more business opportunities. Donating money to good causes is multiplied by improving health and wellness in your community and funding projects that can bring more enjoyment to your life.

Money Affirmation 7 – I encourage myself to prosper and grow.

The money affirmations you choose should make you feel inspired, uplifted, and excited about your future. While you might not be making the money you want right now, there is nothing preventing you from making the money you want in the future if you are willing to work towards your goals. A negative mindset can be very damaging and condition you into thinking that you will fail if you try.

Money Affirmation 8 – I have the power to create success.

There are many people that started at the bottom of the financial ladder and found success after they focused their energy on attaining their financial goals. Focus on the way you want your life to be and take steps to get closer to those goals. Before you know it, those goals will be within reach and you will be rewarded for creating the success you desired.

Money Affirmation 9 – I can take advantage of unexpected ways to earn money.

There are many different ways to earn money outside of a regular 9-to-5 office job. Some people create a side hustle that they can do in their spare time while others create passive income streams that may not pay much at first but can grow over time. A hobby you are interested in can become an additional income stream if you position yourself correctly. Take time to explore the uncharted paths to financial freedom that may be available to you.

Money Affirmation 10 – I am committed to my financial dreams.

What are your financial dreams? Do you want to travel someplace special, save up a housing downpayment, or buy a new car? Keeping your financial goals in the front of your mind will help you curb frivolous spending and help you focus your energy on reaching those goals. Whatever your dream may be, make sure it’s meaningful and fills you with positive energy.


While money affirmations can be a powerful tool in your financial toolbox, they are not get-rich-quick remedies or magical ways to make money appear. If you want to be successful, you will have to put the work in to be successful. These money affirmations just help keep your mind on track as you are moving forward.

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