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Household quirks (part 2)

Bliss and folding fitted sheetsI’ve talked before about the weird, OCD little quirks we all have when it comes to how we do things around the house. I loved hearing what you guys had to share in the comments (it makes us all feel a little better to know we’re not the only ones, doesn’t it?), so I thought I’d do another installment.

So, here is part 2 of my personal quirks:

  • After a shower, bath towels must be hung length-wise so they can fully air dry. At the end of the day, I re-hang them from the middle so they look more draped and “prettier” and (in my mind) more like bath towels in bathrooms in magazines. This doesn’t really make sense since I’m just going to insist on hanging them length-wise again the next morning after we shower…but that doesn’t stop me from doing it!
  • The coffee table must be just the “right” distance from our sofa and armchairs. Too close, and I feel crowded. Too far away, and you can’t reach your drink or put your feet up on it comfortably.
  • Curtains must be pulled back from the center of the window and tucked into our cute tie backs like this, not just pulled back straight like this. (Otherwise, what’s the point of having cute little tie backs? Hmm, Hubby?) 🙂
  • Our washcloths are several different colors. I have to fold them and put them away according to color so it looks prettier when I open the linen closet.
  • I have never in my life mastered how to fold a fitted sheet, so I just crumple it into a somewhat-rectangle and then hide it behind the properly folded sheets and pillowcases so I don’t have to see it.
  • I don’t like to let the canisters on our kitchen counter get too low. They’re clear, so you can see how much coffee, flour, sugar, etc. is in them. I always try to keep them ¾ full. I have no idea why that’s my magic number, but it is. The same goes for the little Q-Tip holder in our bathroom.
  • Shoes on the shoe rack in our foyer must be placed with the toes pointing out. This drives The Hubby nuts because it’s easier to just grab your shoes and go when the backs are pointing out (especially on the lower racks). I admit this and agree, but I still think it looks “neater” with the toes first, so I secretly go through and adjust them anyway. I can’t help it.
  • We have a light switch at the top and the bottom of our stairs, so depending on where you are when you turn the light on or off, the light switch isn’t always pointing in the “right” direction. (It could be pointing down when it’s actually on.) There’s nothing I can really do about this unless I want to go really OCD and run up and down the stairs until both switches are lined up right, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still bug me!

So that’s it for me (for this round!).

What weird little rituals and quirks do you have when it comes to your house? Make me feel less crazy by sharing in the comments!





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  • I don’t really know how to fold a fitted sheet either, there must be a secret! I also do the same thing with our wash cloths and towels!
    hmm, what else . . . I have to have the sheets tucked in at the end of the bed. I usually have to re-make the bed every day as my boyfriend (who is taller than me and reaches the end of the bed) likes to stick his feet out the end. I can stick my feet out the side of the bed no problem but for some reason having my feet exposed at the end of the bed drives me crazy! When we have the money, a new and bigger bed will hopefully solve this problem. 🙂
    There is this one glass that works well for watering the plants I have. If that glass happens to be in the dishwasher when I think I should water the plants I wait until it is finished and then I will water them. I could just use another glass but that glass to me has become the glass I water the plants with so yeah . . .

  • A couple of things about this topic made me laugh. My wife who is the handy person in the family and fixes everything can not fold a fitted sheet either.

    As for rituals I can’t stand clutter and don’t want anything on the tables or counters. My wife loves to cover
    end tables and counters with stuff, it drives me nuts! However the one thing she doesn’t want on the counter is dish soap or cleaner like 409. These are the two and only two things I like near the sink so I can grab them and clean the dishes or counter quickly. We have an ongoing battle on this topic.

    • Isn’t it funny what different quirks two people can have? The Hubby HATES how I’m always tidying up at the end of the day because he likes to leave random things lying around as “reminders.” If something isn’t where it doesn’t belong, I put it back at the end of the day, and then the next morning he wonders “Where are my sneakers I left in the middle of the living room floor? I put them out to remind me to run this morning.” Well, I put them away because they were in the middle of the living room floor!

      Now he’s learned to tell me when he’s “leaving something out” for a reason so it doesn’t suffer my nightly pickups! LOL

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