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How to Figure Out What Ring She Wants Without Asking

how to figure out what ring she wants without asking

What ring are you going to surprise the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Would a round-cut or an elegant princess-cut engagement ring make her feel like the luckiest woman on earth? Here are some ways to find out the ring she wants without blowing your cover.

Check out her closet

To get a good idea of her style preferences, start with the jewelry that she already has. Does she like gold, silver or white gold? Does she prefer a more sleek and modern style? Or, does she buy jewelry that is lavish and detailed? Her jewelry box can tell you a lot of details when it comes to your loved one’s style.

But, you don’t need to be confined to her jewelry box. Her style extends to the clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories she wears. Check out her entire closet. Taking note of details such as her favorite colors, shapes, and silhouettes is a good way to start in understanding her style.

Take a picture of her jewelry

Unless you are well versed in jewelry and fashion terminology, your best bet when getting a jeweler’s advice for your engagement ring is to take pictures of her jewelry. Showing jewelers pictures of your fiance’s rings, necklaces or earrings is a lot easier than looking for words to describe them.

Check her Pinterest

If you have discussed getting married before, chances are she already has a Pinterest board dedicated to her wedding wish list including engagement rings. If she has pinned it before, you can see the type of rings that she wants for herself. Her Pinterest is the best way to find the ring she wants without having to ask. You can take this to the jeweler to narrow down the styles that are within your budget.

While you are at it, be sure to check out online jewelers. Since there are a lot of online stores selling the same type of rings, they tend to have better and lower prices. They also have more options when it comes to engagement ring designs which can range from semi-mount engagement rings to intricately studded ones.

Ask for her opinion

There are many ways to ask for her opinion without spoiling the surprise. If one of her friends is recently engaged, start a casual conversation about it and make sure to include the ring. You can also capitalize on the celebrities that she admires and see what she thinks about their style. Another way that many grooms-to-be go for is taking a trip together at the mall. Make sure you stop by the jewelry section and take note of the rings she likes or tries on.

Ask the ones closest to her

Hit them up for their advice on what they think or, better, know she likes. You can also ask them to bring it up on a conversation. The one closest to your fiance can give you the best insights on the ring that will put the brightest smile on her face.

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