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How to Start a Garden Without a Backyard


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If you are like me you love everything fresh.  I grew up in a corner-lot-home that was surrounded by flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.  I spent my summer days watering flowers and picking fresh veggies from the garden.  Cherry tomatoes and snow peas were by far my favorite.

Now I live in an apartment and long for the days when I could walk outside bare foot and pick fresh vegetables from my dad’s garden.  Don’t get me wrong city living is absolutely amazing, but I do miss the fresh fruits and vegetables that come with having a backyard in the suburbs.

So what did I do? Well just like any grown adult who longs for something from her childhood I called my dad for comfort and advice.  It turns out there are actually quite a few vegetables that can be grown in a pot.

This goes out to all my fellow apartment (and condo) dwellers out there who don’t have a backyard.  NEWS FLASH: You can still grow fresh vegetables…as long as you  have a balcony.  I haven’t tried any of these yet, but it has given me a summer project.  I am going to plant some basil (or maybe tomatoes) so follow me on Twitter to see how life works out while trying to grow fresh veggies in an apartment.

Basil and herbs

According to my dad, a.k.a. the self proclaimed best green thumb in the Northeast, most herbs can  be grown in a pot.  If you want fresh chives, thyme and basil all you need is a lot of sunlight and a pot.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting their plants in too small of a pot.  So take my dad’s advice and give your green some room to grow.


Yes folks, believe it or not you can grow tomatoes in a pot.  “Make sure you have a structure” says my dad.  When you go to Home Depot to buy the pot, dirt and tomatoes seeds don’t forget the gate that the vines grow on.  Just ask the representative at the store, they’ll know what you’re talking about.

Cucumber (Patio)

If you love an ice cold fresh cucumber like I do you don’t have to pay $1.99 at the grocery store any more.  You can grow Patio Cucumbers right on  your own balcony thanks to this helpful tip from my dad.  Now I’m not sure what Patio Cucumbers are or how they differ from regular cucumbers but you can grow them in a pot a.k.a. in an apartment. Could you think of anything better than cooking with fresh produce?


OK so this is kind of a trick.  You probably won’t be able to grow a head of lettuce in a pot with much success, but you can grow Masculine Mix Lettuce.  According to my dad masculine lettuce takes about two weeks to grow in a pot and tastes just as good as lettuce picked fresh from a garden.  I’m not sure I believe it, but I don’t want to call my dad a liar.  If you try it please let me know how it works out.

Photo from Pixabay

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