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I’ve got a crock pot! Now what?

I got an unexpected early Christmas present yesterday.

Since I always host the Christmas dinner for my immediate family, my mom bought me a brand new, adorable little crock pot to help with our ever-expanding menu of sides and goodies. (How cute is that design?)

I’ve been thinking I should get a crock pot for a while. With my love of soups and my interest in always making meals easier and cheaper, it only makes sense…it’s just one of those things that you keep saying you ought to do but never get around to.

Well, now I have one…So what should I make?? I’m itching to do all sorts of fun stews and bakes and whatever else one can do with a crock pot, and the little recipe book that came with it has given me some good ideas already, but I want to know…

If you have a crock pot, what are you absolute favorite recipes?  What do I definitely need to try as I start experimenting with my new kitchen toy?





  • Em,
    I know I’m late and you’ve already made something fun – but you must try chili cheese dip. A block of velveeta (chopped up) and a can of spicy chili. Add salsa if you want more kick. A bag of any type of chip (I like Fritos) and you can’t stop eating it. Yum.

    • Never too late for a yummy recipe idea! You are making my mouth water right now. I just may brave the snow on the way home and pick up some Velveeta to make this! 🙂

  • Chilli! Depends on how long you’re away from the house, but I prep this the night before and throw it in the next morning for dinner that night.

    I also freeze “crock pot packs” ie, all the meat, veges, sauce etc (I do like 5 at a time), defrost overnight, then cook the next day (saving the prep time).

    • I LOVE your “cock pot packs” idea! That makes things so much easier, and could also be a great way to repurpose leftovers for future use!

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