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Moving? Don’t Stress About It

Most people might agree that moving to a new home can be both a blessing and a curse. You have the excitement of the new place, coupled with the stress that moving can bring. However, there are ways to make the experience one that will bring you less stress. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Get Help from the Pros

Some people might steer clear of this option because they might think hiring a company like Allied Movers might be out of their budget. The reality of it is that they might be cheaper than doing it yourself. If you want to see if this is for you, call at least 3 companies to get estimates, but don’t get those estimates over the phone. Have them send someone out to look at what will actually be moved and then get those estimates in writing. To make it as economical as possible try to move in the off-season, which is during the time of year when schools are in session. If you can’t do that, try to move during the middle of the month, or even during the middle of the week. Also, try to book at least a month in advance so you can get the dates you want.

Use Lists

Any self-respecting step-by-step guide to moving will include making lists. It will pay off to be organized during this busy time. You can make things easier by making lists of things that you know you will need to do, as well as when you need to do them. For example, you might start packing a minimum of 2 weeks before the actual move. At the same time, you will need to call to have the utilities switched over. There is so much to remember and do for a move, making a list will ensure that you don’t forget anything.


You will need to have plenty of boxes on hand to pack your stuff in. You can buy them from a variety of moving companies and packing supply stores. However, you can also get them for free from places like offices, liquor stores, and grocery stores. If you want to have a stress-free move, you might want to label, or even number the boxes as they are packed. Then, list them on your inventory list along with a brief description of what you have packed in each particular box.


There are plenty of things to think about when moving that will cost you a bit of money. If you want to keep the outflow of money under control and reduce your stress levels, you might want to make up a budget for the move. Some places even having moving cost calculators that will give you an idea of what you will have to shell out for the move. Just Google ‘moving cost calculator’ and you will be able to find one quickly.

Don’t Rush

You need to give yourself enough time for things like organizing your schedule, so that you know you’ll have the time you need to get everything on your moving lists done. This includes gathering all packing materials, packing, the actual move, and unpacking. If you begin the process as soon as you know you will be moving, you will also have time to get rid of the things you no longer want, so that you will only be moving what you actually care about. Moving is the ideal time to downsize. By getting an early start, you will also have the time you need to fully inventory your belongings while also making sure that you don’t make yourself exhausted by trying to do everything at once. Remember that the easiest way to ensure a stressful move is to put everything off until the last minute.

Don’t Neglect Your Needs

It can be easy on moving day to skip meals because you want to get everything done. This can be un-healthy while also adding to your stress levels. Take the time you need to eat breakfast and lunch during the day. Also try to remember that you don’t need to move AND unpack everything in the same day. Take it easy.

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