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There is a New Casper Mattress On the Market

If you are looking to buy a bed online, then you’ve probably considered the Casper mattress. It’s one of the most popular mattress brands available today. As you start to dig into what the company offers, you’ll see that you have several choices. There is also a brand new Casper mattress that you might want to take a look at if you’re in the market for a new bed.

New Casper Mattress: The Wave Hybrid

Casper launched with just one mattress. However, they’ve had three mattress options for a long time. The most luxurious of those mattresses is The Wave. The new Casper mattress is a new version of The Wave. It’s called The Wave Hybrid. Both of the mattresses are 13″ in height. They’re built on five layers of foam with a “velvety soft” top layer. They’re specifically designed for ergonomic comfort, excellent support, and great temperature control.

Wave vs. Wave Hybrid

The difference between the original Wave and the Wave Hybrid is that the latter has springs in addition to the foam layer. The springs offer “added support, cooling, and durability.” Sometimes people feel like they’re sinking into the foam a little bit. The springs give you more flexibility, but you still have support, so you get the best of both worlds. Many people find this to be a very comfortable mattress.

The new mattress incorporates memory foam, latex foam, gel pods, and springs. The idea is that different types of support provide you with different types of comfort. This new Casper mattress is suitable for couples, people of any weight, and those who have trouble getting comfortable when they sleep. If you’re a picky sleeper and you’re looking for a luxury mattress, then this is one option to consider.

Enhanced cooling is also important for many people. Both Wave mattresses are designed for a cool sleep. However, the new Casper mattress is a little bit better at it. The individual spring coils circulate the air better than just the foam. It pulls your body heat away and moves it outside of the bed so that you stay cool as you rest.

The new Casper mattress also has “enhanced edge support.” Basically, this means that the edge of the mattress if more durable. It’s designed to make it easier for you to get up out of bed. If that’s an issue for you, then this is the best Casper mattress. It also helps give you support if you tend to sleep towards the edge of the bed, which is common among couples.

Casper Wave Hybrid Pricing

Of course, you probably have to take price into consideration when buying a new bed. The new Wave hybrid is the priciest of all that they have to offer. The queen size is about $300 more than the original Wave mattress in the same size. Here’s the Wave Hybrid pricing for all of the six mattress sizes in which it is available:

  • Twin: $1445
  • Twin XL: $1595
  • Full: $22325
  • Queen: $2695
  • King: $3195
  • Cal King: $3195

You can get financing as low as $113 per month with 0% APR for a Queen size version of the Wave Hybrid. However, that depends on your credit history as well as the length of time for your repayment plan. The new Casper mattress cost slightly more than financing for the original Casper Wave, which starts at $100 per month.

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There is a New Casper Mattress On the Market

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