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Casper vs Purple Mattresses: The Deciding Factors

The Casper vs Purple mattress debate is ongoing. The two companies have very similar offerings. Each of them has several different mattress types to choose from. People who love one will swear by theirs. Therefore, it’s really hard to choose between the two if you are looking for a new bed. You can simplify the process by looking at the common deciding factors.

Figure Out What You Value Most in a Bed

In other words, figure out which of the following details is most important to you. Then make your Casper vs Purple decision based on that detail alone. The companies are similar enough that either way, you’ll get a good bed. If you focus on the one thing that matters you to most, then you should be happy. Of course, if you’re not, they both offer 100-day trials. Therefore, you can always return your mattress if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Cost Comparison Between Both Companies

When buying almost anything, the cost is usually a factor. Therefore, that might be what clinches your decision in the Casper vs Purple debate. If so, then you’re probably going to get a Casper mattress. Their beds are slightly cheaper than Purple beds.

That said, there are a lot of things to consider. First of all, Casper has three different mattress types, and Purple has four. Therefore, you really need to figure out which mattress you want from either company before you can do an accurate cost comparison.

Moreover, the size of your bed may make a difference. If you’re looking at the basic starter mattress from each company in a twin size, then you’ll save more than $50 when you choose Casper. However, the same basic mattress in the queen size has only a $5 price difference between the two. Casper would still be the cheaper option. However, the difference is so negligible that you would want to consider a secondary deciding factor.

Casper vs. Purple: Mattress Technology

Some people don’t care at all about having a high-tech mattress. However, other people find that to be important. Purple wins out if you’re in the latter category. Casper is your basic foam mattress. The newest version, The Wave, has been updated to support 33 different points along the body. Nevertheless, it doesn’t measure up to Purple’s cutting-edge mattress technology. They use a temperature-neutral gel-based material to create a mattress that is comfortable across pressure points whether or not someone else is moving around in the same bed.

Setting Up and Moving Your Bed Around

I personally have a Purple mattress. There were many reasons that I made that choice. One of my deciding factors was that the company offers white glove delivery. In other words, they show up, set the whole thing up for me, and take away my old mattress. Casper doesn’t offer that service with all of their different mattresses. That said, my Purple mattress is super heavy. If I want to move my bed around, I need to ask someone for help. That’s not an issue with the much lighter Casper mattress. Therefore, if setting up and moving your bed around are important deciding factors for you, then they could easily make or break your decision about which mattress to get.

Purple is the Bed for Heavier People

According to The Sleep Institute, the Casper mattress is not suited to individuals who weigh 230 pounds or more. The Purple mattress has no such limitations. Therefore, if you’re a bigger person, this might be your deciding factor.

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Casper vs Purple

Casper vs Purple: The Deciding Factors When Choosing a Mattress

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