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Purple Mattress vs. Casper Review

I’ve personally read many Purple Mattress vs. Casper review articles. Let’s face it; choosing a new bed is hard. Choosing the right bed from an online catalog is even more challenging. Therefore, we really have to rely on reviews to get a good sense of what’s right for us.

For full disclosure, I chose a Purple mattress. A friend of mine had one. Therefore, I was able to test it out in person. This made the decision a lot easier. As a result, I can truly only speak to what I do and don’t like about the Purple mattress. I don’t have personal experience with the Casper. However, I’ve asked a lot of other people and read a lot about the topic, so I think I can give you a decent Purple Mattress vs. Casper review.

Purple Mattress vs. Casper Review of Options

The first thing I need to mention is that this isn’t a straightforward review of one mattress compared to another. That’s because each of these mattress brands has multiple mattress options. Which means you’re comparing several mattresses to each other.

Purple Mattress Options

The Purple Mattress comes in an original version. However, they have also released an upgraded “all-new” option. Moreover, the all-new mattress comes with three mattress top options ranging from 2″ (firm) to 4″ (soft). Therefore, you essentially have four mattress options to choose from if you’re looking at Purple.

Casper Mattress Options

Similarly, Casper launched with one basic mattress. It’s called The Essential and comes with three layers of support. Then they upgraded to a four-layer system called, conveniently, The Casper. Finally, they recently released The Wave, which is the luxury five-layer mattress.

Both brands offer each of these mattresses in six sizes from Twin through California King.

Purple Mattress vs. Casper Review of Comfort

Comfort is the most important thing for most people when it comes to a mattress. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell how comfortable a bed will be until you’ve slept on it. Luckily, both brands offer a 100-day money-back guarantee, so you can return your chosen mattress if you decide that it’s not right for you.

Purple is widely known as the more high-tech mattress. It utilizes a unique gel technology. It’s a temperature-neutral design that’s intended to help support all of your pressure points for a perfect night’s sleep. Moreover, you don’t feel it much when someone else moves around in the bed. Therefore, it’s a good choice if you sleep with a restless partner or pet.

The Casper is a foam mattress, which is the most common type of mattress sold online. It’s a popular choice and can be very comfortable. The Wave version has been updated to support you across 33 key points. It’s designed to be comfortably competitive with the Purple Mattress.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. You won’t truly know which you prefer until you try them out.

Purple Mattress vs. Casper Review of Prices

Comfort is key when it comes to a mattress. However, the price is a pretty close second. After all, you can’t get quality sleep if you’re worried about how to pay off your bed. When it comes to Purple vs. Casper, the prices are fairly comparable.

Purple Mattress vs. Casper (Basic Mattresses)

First, let’s take a look at the basic mattress prices for each brand. That would be the Purple Original and the Casper Essential.

The Purple Original starts at $649 for a twin sized bed. It goes up to $12329, which is the price for either a King or California King. If you’re in the middle and seeking a Queen-sized mattress, then you’re looking at a price tag of $999.

The Casper Essential starts at $595 for a twin size. It goes up to $1195 for either a King or Cal King. The Queen size is $995.

As you can see, you might pay a little bit less for a basic Casper mattress than for a Purple mattress. That said, if you’re getting a Queen-sized bed, you’re looking at the same price with either company.

Purple Mattress vs. Casper (Luxury Mattresses)

Now that we know what’s on the low end let’s consider what’s on the high end. That would be the 4″ All-New Purple mattress compared to the Casper Wave.

The luxury Purple mattress starts at $2499 for a Twin XL. It’s $3499 for the California King. If you want a queen or king bed, then you’re looking at between $2799 and $3499.

The Wave twin bed is $1250. The Wave California King is $2750. If you want a queen or king bed, then you’re looking at between $2250 and $2750 for your mattress.

Therefore, if you choose the best of both worlds, you’ll pay a bit more for Purple. However, keep in mind that Casper has three bed options whereas Purple has four. Therefore, it might be fairer to compare the Casper Wave price to the second-in-luxury 3″ All-New Purple Mattress.

When you do that, you see that the Twin starts at $1899. The Cal King is $2699. And you’re looking at $2199 – $2699 for a queen or king. Therefore, the prices across the two brands are fairly comparable. To make a smart price decision, you’ll need to decide which type of mattress you want and in what size.

Additional Cost Considerations

Both companies have a deal with Affirm to allow you to get on a payment plan.

You’ll also want to consider whether you need a new bed foundation and which type you want (platform, for example). Both companies offer options.

Finally, make sure that you check out the available deals, promotions, or coupon codes for each company. Purple typically offers a free item, which varies depending on current promotions. Personally, I got the bamboo Purple sheets free with my mattress, and I love them.

Purple Mattress vs. Casper Review of Other Details

Here are some additional things to keep in mind as you choose between these two mattresses:

  • Purple has more air flow for better temperature regulation.
  • Purple offers white glove delivery on the All-New mattress. You have to set up all Casper mattresses yourself.
  • Casper is a much more lightweight bed. If you have to move your Purple mattress, then you’ll need help.
  • Both mattresses are considered medium-firm. Casper might be slightly firmer.
  • Casper has a bit less bounce than Purple.
  • Purple is better suited to larger people. The Sleep Help Institute says that if you’re over 230 pounds, then a Casper isn’t the best choice.
  • Both companies offer free shipping and returns plus a ten-year warranty. They also remove your old mattress at no extra charge.

Do you have your own Purple Mattress vs. Casper review thoughts to share? I’d love to have your comments on either or both of these bed options.

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