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One Of My Miniature Dreams: A Home Gym

Have you ever wondered about that side bar towards the bottom of my page that’s titled “Home Gym”?  You know, this one:

Well, let me explain.  For me, working out is like brushing your teeth.  It’s just something I do everyday without a second thought.  If I miss a couple days of working out, I get cranky and can’t think straight.  I have an inkling that this is how I felt most of the time before I started working out daily.  But, that’s another post for another day…

My point is, though, that you wouldn’t buy a house without a sink to brush your teeth or a bathtub to take a shower in would you?  Nor would I buy a house where I could not build my very own home gym.

It must have been fate when I met a guy who was even more of a workout addict than myself!  😉  Lloyd is an inspiration and never misses a workout.  He works out 6 days a week and is an avid weight lifter.  Needless to say, he wants a home gym just as much as I do.

I know a home gym will take time to build.  It could take years even before we have it perfect (Lloyd wants to build a “locker room” in our home gym which I think is a little absurd considering there will probably be a bathroom around the corner.  Boys…).  However, it is one of my requirements that I have a few necessities before I have a kid (Momma’s gotta work off the baby weight somewhere!):

  • treadmill
  • spinning bike
  • set of dumbbells (preferably convertible like these)

Those three things are my bottom-line, must have requirements to build the foundation of our gym.  Of course we’ll need other necessities eventually like:

  • plastic floor tiles (the kind they have in gyms)
  • mirrors
  • TV
  • stereo
  • resistance bands
  • barbells
  • flat bench

Sometimes Lloyd and I will get to dreaming really big and claim we want these things in our gym:

  • cable crossover (the big machines with the cables)
  • locker room (again….not gonna happen)

I totally get that most people probably think we’re crazy for wanting to spend so much money on a home gym.   However, I often daydream about rolling out of bed in the morning and heading right down to my personal gym instead of driving half-asleep, 10 minutes across town to my public gym – and that alone makes me so happy.  An added perk is the fact that I will no longer have to work out next to “talks-too-much-guy”, “stares-too-much-guy”, “smelly-guy/girl”, or “Spandex-guy” (quite possibly the fashion faux pas of the century).

There you have it – that little sidebar is no longer a mystery.  It’s one of my miniature dreams that I can’t wait to make into a reality someday!

Now that you know about my mine – what are some smaller dreams that you want to accomplish in your life that you are saving for?


  • Wow this is awesome! I’d love to have a home gym someday. I’m curious, what is your regular workout routine? Do you always go in the mornings before work? I usually hit the gym 3 times a week (if that), so I’d love some tips on how you stay fit and motivated!

  • Yeah, do a post about your workout routine! I’d also be interested in seeing what a typical meal plan is for you and Lloyd.

    • Will do!! I have a couple health related posts that I’m planning, but I don’t want to bore readers that are totally looking for PF stuff! But, yes I’ll do a workout plan post very soon. 🙂

  • Great goal! I bet you could get some of that home gym stuff much cheaper than you think. People buy treadmills and ellipticals and that sort of thing and then never use them. You could probably find lightly used ones for cheap on Craigslist.

    • I totally agree – I was also thinking of asking gyms for old balls & mats and stuff. I think they usually give that stuff for free or really cheap! The weights & electronics & cable machines will be the most expensive… 🙂

  • The Home Gym idea is great. My parents have a treadmill that they never use. I get on it from time to time (I have to be really, really bored) but I would like to make working out routine as well.

    My dream, in the real estate world, would be to have a Rec room in my house. Seeing all those Recreation Rooms that the celebs have on Cribs has changed my life, and now I want one. It would consist of actual arcade games, a mini theater (with reclinable arm rests), a popcorn/candy machine, and an air hockey table. I’m sure that my kids will appreciate it, but little do they know, its really all for Momma!

  • Wow! It’s really interesting to see what kinds of things we’re all into – like WellHeeled and her tango, you and fitness etc. I definitely think it would be great for you to have your own workout space – being so close to other people at the gym always freaks me out.

  • You made ME want a home gym. I will stick with my membership and wii for now, but it made me think. I know what you mean about smelly guy and guy who stares too much. I don’t like to hear people panting at the gym either. It would be so much easier to just go into a room in your own house! Cheaper probably in the longrun as well since a membership is expensive!!

    I want my own teaching/craft room. Stuff to hold teaching materials and a place to prepare lessons. But also a place to do crafts and sewing. Can be an office for my boyfriend as well (if there is space haha).

    My boyfriend wants a “man room” to watch sports and hold football “stuff.” I don’t think it’s going to happen.

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