Let Me Count The Ways I Put Off Studying On Sunday…

  • Primped way too long for church (full blow out is not necessary)
  • Lounged on the couch with Lloyd (already did several hours of this yesterday, why must I do it more?)
  • Imitations of Lloyd to Lloyd (really should be studying)
  • Baked some bread (I mean really…)
  • Ate bag of almonds on couch (wait, haven’t I already been here?)
  • Computer
  • Couch
  • Computer
  • Couch
  • Grocery Shopping (Hey, look – something productive!)
  • Facebook (Pretty sure I have a couple people’s profiles memorized by now)
  • Downloading Britney Spears “3” and Black Eyed Peas “Meet Me Halfway” (loooooove that song)
  • Typing post about how I procrastinate while I’m procrastinating….Hmmm….

Update: I was able to kick my rear in gear and get several hours of studying accomplished tonight!  Yay!


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