Online Clothes Shopping: Stitch Fix vs. ThredUP

stitch fix vs thredup

stitch fix vs thredup

I recently indulged in some online clothes shopping. Normally, I only buy clothes from local thrift stores. However, I was feeling like I needed a total wardrobe overhaul. And, if I’m honest, it was just all too easy to download the apps to shop online. I tried Stitch Fix first. However, I immediately regretted it and switched to ThredUp. Here’s why.

How Stitch Fix Works

Stitch Fix is a really popular online clothes shopping app. And I can totally see why. You can buy clothes directly. However, what they’re really all about is helping you figure out your own personal style. You tell the app the types of things you like in clothes. Then your “personal stylist” packs you up a box and sends it to you. You keep what you want and return the rest.

The Appeal of Stitch Fix

I initially really enjoyed the Stitch Fix online shopping experience. Here’s what I loved:

  • You browse through different style trends and outfit combinations, choosing what you like. It’s like Tindr for clothes shopping. I admit that part is fun.
  • It’s a neat idea that you’ll get stuff you might like in the mail. Happy surprise mail is always fun, after all.
  • They do have a great selection of beautiful clothing.

Why Stitch Fix Wasn’t For Me

Honestly, even though I loved playing around on the app, I immediately regretted the decision to use Stitch Fix. Now, this isn’t to knock them. I think for the right person, they’re a great tool. However, they just don’t meet my personal needs. Here’s why:

  • Their clothes are new. I don’t typically purchase new clothing. I prefer slow fashion, sustainable shopping, and buying my clothing secondhand. It’s a really important personal value that I don’t want to compromise on.
  • The clothing is more expensive than my usual budget. They do have affordable options. If you’re the kind of person who shops in mainstream clothing stores or even gets designer clothing then the prices would be great for you. As a secondhand, unbranded shopper, they’re higher than I want to pay.
  • They charge a styling fee. While the idea of someone picking out clothes for me was fun, the reality wasn’t my cup of tea. I have my own unique eclectic style. Choosing clothes is actually part of the fun for me. So having a stylist, let alone paying for one, is ridiculous in my case.

Why ThredUP Works For Me

As soon as I realized my mistake, I canceled my Stitch Fix account. I did get the first package. However, I ended up sending everything back. And instead, I downloaded ThredUP, which I’m loving. Here’s why ThredUp works for me:

  • They offer secondhand clothing. It’s basically an online thrift store. I LOVE that.
  • Their clothing is significantly cheaper than what I saw on Stitch Fix. They have great sales. Plus they have lots of budget items. If you do want to buy more expensive designer items, those things are available. However, the average price of items I would purchase and wear is very low.
  • ThredUP does offer Goody Boxes. If I decided that I wanted a “stylist” to select clothing for me, I could set up a box. I don’t want that. However, it’s nice to know that if I decide I do want to try that aspect of online clothes shopping then I could do so on a site I’m enjoying.
  • They offer a Closet Cleanout bag. They send you the bag. You fill it up and send it back. They’ll list items for sale that they can use. They’ll donate the rest. I don’t intend to make a bunch of money this way. However, a little bit would be nice. Moreover, I’ve had a terrible time trying to figure out where to donate clothing during COVID. Therefore, this solves a problem for me.

The only downside I’ve found to ThredUp so far is how easy it is to shop on the app. I grab the phone too often, scroll because it’s fun, and suddenly I’m buying more clothes than I need. My solution? Hit the heart button on things I like but don’t actually buy them. If I still love something later, and it still happens to be available, I can get it. But by not impulse buying quickly, I reduce the hit to my budget.

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