Reason #99 Why I HATE Cooking

First pot-roast of the year…$9.10

Baby carrots…$1.99

1 red onion…$0.79

Chicken Broth…$1.49

Miscellaneous Spices…~$8.00

Coming home and realizing you forgot to turn on the slow cooker and realizing your dinner is now ruined…waste of money and time.

Dinner was a bust.  Did I mention I hate cooking?

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  • Oh no! I’m sorry. I did just about the same thing during hospital vigil. Woke up groggy one morning, set all the frozen beef in the microwave to defrost while getting ready to go to the hospital and completely forgot to refrigerate it when I changed my mind about the cooking schedule. 12 hours later: pounds of ground, ruined. And? GROSS.

  • I also messed up the last slow cooker recipe I tried to make – but the opposite way – cooked 8 hours instead of 4 hours… GROSS. I threw the whole thing away. I know people swear by their slow cookers, but for my money the only thing that is going in mine from now on is hot apple cider at Christmas and queso – YUMMY!

  • Darn…and the list of ingredients sounded scrumpcious that I was waiting for you to tell me how good the meal came out.

    What did u end up having that night?

    • I was so sad. Take #2 is at home cooking right now and I definitely remembered to turn the slow cooker ON!!

      I think I ended up having like grilled chicken and a salad or something! Boring! Ha ha

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