Riddle Me This

“No Dividends Received Deduction is allowed if the dividend paying stock is held less than forty-six days during the ninety-one day period that begins forty-five days before the stock becomes ex-dividend.”  – Wiley CPA, 2010

Say it with me now: What the ****?!?!

This is how I’m spending my Friday night (and also why I’ve been so absent from my blog – I’m laying the smack down on my CPA studying!).

How are you spending YOUR Friday night?  I hope it’s better than mine!


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  • Oh that’s a tough one. Sorry I can’t help! My Friday night is equally as lame: at home eating food and watching TV alone… missing my bf. :-/

  • It’s simple. In order to take the dividends received deduction you need to own the stock on which the dividend was paid for at least 45 days. If you bought the stock a few days before the dividend went ex then you must continue to own the stock for enough time after the dividend paid to have owned the stock for at least 45 days. It’s a 91 day window because you could have bought the stock 45 days before the ex date or bought it 1 day before the ex date and therefore have to hold it for 44 more days after ex.

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