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Spring Cleaning Tips to Live By

When the flowers start to bloom and love is in the air, many people’s thoughts turn to opening the windows to let in the fresh breezes and then toward tackling that spring cleaning that they looked forward to all winter long. However, all that cleaning can get a little overwhelming, especially when you’d rather be outside having fun in the sun. In this blog, you’ll find a few spring cleaning tips to help you get the job done and get you back outside where you belong.


There’s one simple rule you should follow when decluttering your home for spring. The rule is, if you haven’t used it in six months, it’s probably best to throw it away. This, of course, doesn’t include seasonal items. You need to take a ruthless approach to decluttering your home and do it in steps, so that you don’t become overwhelmed and give up on the task.

Change Out Covers, Spreads, and Pillows

Pull the winter stuff off of the couches, beds, and chairs and replace them with hints of spring. For example, there are many daybed covers that are light and spring-like. These will add spring to your rooms and take away the heaviness of winter fashions. Put pillows that are in spring colors on the couches and chairs and switch out those heavy quilts on the bed for thin spring themed blankets.

Deep Clean Your Carpets

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh, clean carpets to bring spring into a home. You’ll be surprised how much dirt, hair, and germs pile up in your carpets over the winter months. Deep cleaning your carpets will help to restore your carpet color and texture and your home will smell amazing when the job is done.

Clean Your Microwave from Top to Bottom

Dirt and grime can easily build up on and inside of your microwave. While you wipe your microwave down, inside and out, every day, it needs a deep cleaning at least two or three times a year. A deep clean in the spring will help with the hygiene of one of the most used appliances in your kitchen, as well as restore the appliance to its former glory.

Wash Your Throw Rugs

Most people have rugs that are scattered throughout the house. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to throw those rugs in the washer or even to take them to be cleaned by a professional. While they are gone or in the wash, take the time to deep clean those hardwood floors (if you have them) as well.

Involve the Entire Family

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be a solo task. Even the most unwilling of helpers can make quite a dent in what otherwise could be an endless task. Throw on some music, offer a reward for a good job, and before you know it, your home will be shiny and smelling clean. Even the reluctant helpers will be happy with the results of spring cleaning together.

It’s the Perfect Time to Establish New Cleaning Habits

Spring is the time to begin anew, so why not establish a few new cleaning habits for the rest of the year? A few simple 15 minute cleanup routines can make next year’s spring cleaning a breeze and you’ll be able to accomplish the task in half the time.

Spring is in the air and the outdoors beckons to everyone. However, you want the home you come back to, to be fresh and smelling as good as the spring weather you just stepped out of. Following the tips above will make your home nice and clean, and get you outside to enjoy the spring season faster.

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