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Tips for Making Your at Home Corner Office

My second post for Lending Tree is up!  If you weren’t already aware, Lending Tree also runs another blog called Home Space.  My article about creating an awesome corner office at home is on the Home Space blog.  It’s perfect for those freelancers or those that work from home.

Here’s a couple tidbits from the article:

“Recently, I created my own “home office” in the corners of my tightly-packed 950- square-foot apartment. I needed a separate work space because my part- time freelance jobs were picking up, and the uncomfortable position I usually assume on the couch just wasn’t cutting it any more.”

“Since we’re working with limited means here, you can probably cross that L-shaped executive desk with matching library-sized bookcase off of your list.  Just put that desire on the back burner…you’ll get there someday.  This is one of the few times that it’s important to dream small. “

Because I had just created the “corner office” you see above, I felt like this article was perfect timing.  I really enjoyed writing about my experience!

Fun fact:  Did you know a home office could be tax deductible?  Check out the article to find out more!

Don’t forget to give me you thoughts over at Home Space!  Let me know your thoughts in their comment section!


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