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Top 15 Gender Neutral Gifts for Adults

Need a gift idea in a pinch? No matter who you are buying for, here are 15 gender neutral gifts any adult is sure to love.


1) Houseplants

Houseplants are a crowd-pleasing gift. Whether you’re giving a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or a housewarming party, plants are an excellent gift for either gender.

And nowadays, it’s never been easier to purchase houseplants. You can go to a local nursery or hardware store, or you can purchase plants online through Terrain or even Amazon!


2) Bubble Tea Kit

Who doesn’t love bubble tea? The Taiwanese tea is fun, but also delicious and appropriate for all people of all ages.

A bubble tea kit is a great gift for your friend who either loves bubble tea, or loves trying new things. You can purchase a bubble tea kit through Uncommon Goods.


3) Personalized Anything

You can up-level any generic gift by personalizing it.

Seriously – you can personalize just about anything, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some ideas of items to personalize:

  • Coffee mugs
  • Journals
  • Watches
  • Clothing
  • Phone case

You can purchase any item and take it into a store like Things Remembered to be engraved or personalized. Or, you can purchase personalized items directly through a website like Mint. The options are endless!


4) Board Games

Board games make great gifts because it’s something you can do together. Plus, most people don’t think about buying board games for themselves.

Purchase a favorite board game for your friend or family member, and see their face light up in excitement.


5) Books

Know someone who is a self-proclaimed book worm? Buy them a book you think they’d enjoy.

If the recipient is an avid reader, you’ll want to either get them a newly released book, or a classic or upgraded version of a book they already have. That way, you won’t risk giving them a book they’ve already read.


6) Water Bottle

Drinking water is so much more enjoyable when you have a stylish and functional water bottle. That’s why they make great gifts.

Most people can’t have too many water bottles, so it’s a pretty low-risk gift. You can pick up a stylish one on Amazon, at Target, or at a discount home store for cheap.


7) Slippers

Sure, sure. Everyone may have an old pair of slippers lying around. But few people have a truly comfortable and stylish pair they wear around the house regularly.

Splurge on a luxury and fashionable pair of slippers from any department store. The recipient is sure to thank you.


8) Alcohol

If you know someone who loves a certain type of drink, a bottle of alcohol can be a great gift.

Wine, beer, or any type of spirit are easy gifts (for anyone over 21 years old, of course). And if you give it at the right time, the recipient may just be willing to share a taste with you!


9) Subscription Services

Subscription services make for great gifts because it keeps giving throughout the entire year. And these days, you can give a subscription to just about anything.

Meal planning? Subscription. Clothing? Subscription. Magazines? Subscription.

The opportunities are limitless here, so pick out something you think your friends will love and they can enjoy it all year.


10) A Donation in His or Her Name

Do your friends or family members have a charity that is near and dear to their hearts? Or, do they have just about everything and you can’t think of a meaningful gift for them?

Then donate to a charity in his or her name. Not only will you benefit the recipient of the gift, but your gift will give back to a charity in need. It’s a win-win for every party involved.


11) Cooking Supplies

Many people enjoy cooking as a hobby, so new cooking supplies make for a perfect gift.

Chances are, however, if your friend cooks regularly, he or she likely already has most of the basic cooking supplies. Instead of getting them every-day kitchen items, invest in high-quality kitchen upgrades, such as a cast-iron pan, new knife set, or a cake stand.


12) Workout Gear

Know someone who loves to workout and be active? Then they would probably appreciate workout gear for some of their favorite activities.

The following types of workout gear make great gifts, depending on what the recipient is interested in doing:

  • Yoga mat
  • Hand weights
  • Non-slip headphones
  • Stylish workout shirts
  • Cool shoelaces
  • Foam roller

Best of all, these pieces of equipment don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can purchase them online or any chain store, like Target or Marshalls.


13) Amazon Echo

Have a tech-loving friend in your life? If they don’t already have an Amazon Echo Dot, they make great gifts.

You can purchase an Amazon Echo Dot on Amazon’s website for just $50. To get an even better deal, you can wait until major holidays to see if you can snag it when it goes on sale.


14) Coffee Supplies

What coffee lover wouldn’t love an upgrade on their daily routine?

For your friend who loves coffee, you can get them a variety of coffee supplies. Supplies like fresh beans, a new French press, or a small espresso machine can make for great gifts they are sure to actually use.


15) An Experience

Another solid gift idea for the friend who has everything? Buy them an experience.

Think of things your friend likes to do – maybe it’s tickets to a game or concert, a day at the spa, a weekend getaway, or taking a class. Experiences are super memorable and are incredibly thoughtful gifts.

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