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When Personal Finance & Health Become Serious

When financial experts tell people to build an emergency fund, pay off your debt, and save for retirement, they’re not just joking around.  Same goes for those fitness freaks who warn us to eat our greens and sweat it out.  They’re serious.  And even though this is just a blog and the posts that I write aren’t always all that serious, it’s not just a bunch of fluff.  Personal finance and health are two very serious issues.

Bumps in the road
If we’re lucky, we’ll never have to use our emergency fund.  We’ll have plenty saved for retirement.  We’ll never need to use our health insurance.

But, more than likely, at some point, we will need these things.

I’m lucky.  My financial healthy and physical health is great.  I usually never have any bumps in the road that throw me off track, and I know I’m very, very fortunate.

But this week I did have a bump in the road.  Someone very near and dear to me in my family got sick.  This person (not G) has fallen ill with a rare, but serious, disease.  They are expected to make a full recovery, but it will take months, maybe even a year.

When finance and health get serious
The situation has got me to thinking quite a lot about the seriousness of health and personal finance.  We often take these two things for granted.  I know I do.  But our health and our wealth is only temporary.  It could be gone tomorrow.  Are you prepared?

I started the week assuming it would be just like any other – work, workouts, cooking dinner, packing lunches…  By Monday night, that was all a distant memory.  Now my nights are spent at the hospital so my family member isn’t alone and knows that loved ones care.  I would happily give up all my time to be there if meant making them happy and comfortable.

Normally, I am so lucky to be surrounded by healthy family members.  This week, I’m getting a glimpse of what’s it’s like to have a chronically sick or disabled family member.    It’s quite a sacrifice, but you gladly do it because your love for your family is usually greater than the love for yourself.  And although some are wondering about the hospital bill, we all agree that we want the best possible treatment, and we’ll deal with the bill when the time comes.

Isn’t it strange that one of my New Year’s resolutions is to put others needs before my own?  Looks like I’m already doing that in the first week of the New Year – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.S. I would appreciate any prayers, thoughts, vibes – whatever – for our family!  Thank you!

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  • You and your friend have my thoughts and prayers.

    I, unfortunately, think all the time about what I would do if I got sick, it is one of the reasons i do put finances at a high priority and the main reason I got Aflac insurance. Just in case.

    Better safe than sorry, i think.

    If you need anything local, please let me know. Seriously.

  • Sorry to hear about your family member. And yes, we are so lucky to have our health. In an instant any illness could send your entire world spinning. Very scary.

  • i was prepared when i was diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma at 25 years old just over a year ago. i’ve completed my treatment but my emergency fund was pretty much completely depleted (luckily i didn’t have to resort to selling any of my investment stock) so i’m working on rebuilding it now.

  • I’ll say a prayer for your family. I think health and finances are related as well. When stressed, people have a tenancy to over eat or shop because it releases dopamine to the brain. The way we treat our finances and health is usually an indication of our emotional well being so it is important that we pay attention to both, find problems early and deal with issues as they occur. That’s why I like your blog, because you do look at both aspects life.

  • Oh, goodness, sorry to hear it. There have been many situations in the past year that have helped me put my blessings in perspective…it sounds cheesy, but it has been really a profound experience. I will definitely keep your family member in my prayers (and will pray as well for you & the others supporting your family member).

  • So very true. When our nephew was in hospital, all thoughts of money = out the window. Gas, carpools, dinners, whatever. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  • Sorry about your family. Sending prayers your way. I just want to post on a comment below about another blog you follow. The Jersey Shore “stars” are morons. With a capital M.

    Good for you on sticking to a budget. Still staring at the back of a bridesmaid dress on back of my bedroom door, husband and I were both in the wedding, cost over 700.00 to be IN wedding. My dress, his tuxedo, my shoes, jewelry. Gift for them, hosting a engagement party. I could have went on vacation for 700.00. Do not do this to your bridesmaids. Ugly green dress was 240 with alterations. What a rip off the whole business is.

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