10 Clear Signs Your Wife’s Love Has Faded Away

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Falling in love is the greatest and yet the most terrifying feeling in the world because one person becomes the center of your universe, yet there is always a chance they might fall out of love with you. But, how do you know if your wife doesn’t love you anymore and it is not just your mind playing tricks with you? Some signs might help you find the answer to this question, though it is crucial to voice your concerns before you start accusing your spouse.

Lack of communication 

Every relationship is unique, but if your wife previously liked discussing things with you, and that is no longer the case, there might be trouble in paradise. If your wife is perfectly fine communicating with her friends, family, or kids, yet when you start to talk, she appears agitated, that might be concerning. Additionally, if she once loved your silly jokes, yet they seem annoying now, it could be a sign that she’s out of love. 

Lack of intimacy 

There are many ways to express love outside the bedroom. Couples in love commonly hold hands, whisper sweet nothings even when life gets crazy, kiss each other good night, and cuddle. Lack of contact is a common sign of trouble. Sometimes, people get too busy, especially new parents, but this is not a good sign if you are doing your part to show your wife that you find her desirable and that you care while she stares at you with an irked look. 

Lack of plans for the future 

Your wife might be excited about traveling for work or purchasing new furniture, but you are not part of that conversation. She is making plans, withdrawing, and phasing you out. While she’s fine with making changes in her life, she appears to be far away and lost in thoughts when it comes to you. Many would jump to the conclusion that the wife found someone else, but a lack of plans for the future with you does not mean your wife is cheating. Perhaps she has a vision of a different life that doesn’t include you, and it has nothing to do with another guy. 

Lack of consideration 

Couples know each other’s preferences, from looks to food. If you notice that your wife no longer cares about your needs, including buying stuff only she uses or removing herself from joint activities, it could be a bad sign. Perhaps she is going through something and needs time to regroup, but if she is already breaking your couple’s traditions, no wonder you feel unwanted and unloved. 

Your wife no longer complains 

If you had numerous discussions about finances, yet she shows no interest anymore, this could be a sign that she’s over you. It is not that she is not complaining, but furthermore, she does not want to argue. These subtle changes in behavior usually do not happen overnight. Still, if you miss even fighting with your wife, this could be a sign that she’s emotionally checked out of your union. 

Your wife wants you out 

Your wife is suddenly more than happy to send you off to a work trip or a night out with your friends. Perhaps she wants time for herself, like a spa night with a good book and a rom-com. But if she encourages every chance to see your back, things are not looking great. One could argue that she is a supporting wife, but you know her better than anyone else, and this behavior is not typical for her, so you need to get to the bottom of her change in attitude. 

Your wife’s friends act differently 

Something must be off if your wife’s friends suddenly act like they are walking on broken glass while in your proximity. Women are open to their closest friends, so if they feel something is changing inside them, they will likely share it with their best friends. If her friends suddenly act too caring or too aloof, this could raise eyebrows. 

Your wife shows no interest in your thoughts or feelings 

Perhaps she is giving you a silent treatment. Or maybe she is trying to force empty conversations because she feels guilty. Asking you about your thoughts or feelings is no longer the case because her walls are likely up, and she sees you as the father of her children, nothing more. She does not want you to be unhappy, but she is not ready to put an end to your misery, so she’s doing the bare minimum as if she’s living with an annoying roommate. 

Your wife finds everyone else more interesting 

If your wife constantly compares you to others while gushing about how someone’s husband or coworker is so funny or intelligent, it can hurt your feelings, but she no longer cares. It appears that every person is more interesting and deserving of her attention than you. She might no longer be interested in you, and in the process, she is hurting you without even realizing it. 

Your wife does not think your marriage needs saving 

If you bring up your concerns and ask for marriage counseling, yet your wife is strangely indifferent, she could already be out of the marriage. It is vital that you explain all the changes you’ve noticed without accusations. But if she just shrugs it off, it is another sign that she no longer cares about your feelings. And a loving spouse would never dismiss someone’s worries. 

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