12 Things All Parents Do But Would Never, Ever Confess It

Parenting is a challenge, and since kids don’t come with manuals, creativity is allowed. However, since most parents strive for perfection, there are secretive things they regularly do, but they would never admit it to anyone, especially another parent. Without any judgments, here are 12 common things all parents do but pretend otherwise. 

Public meltdown

Kids throw tantrums all the time, usually at the worst possible times. But when you see a mom struggling with her temper-throwing toddler while yours is a rare picture of a well-behaved child, you will feel a strange sense of pride. It is not that parents enjoy seeing others struggle. It is a simple moment of gratefulness for having a sense of control over your whole life. 

Sacred space

Many parents hide in bathrooms only to get some “me time.” Things can quickly get overwhelming whether you’re raising a toddler or a teenager, and instead of having a meltdown, some opt to remove themselves from their children by pretending they have to go potty. That’s how the bathroom becomes a sacred space in every parent’s home. 

Throwing out a loud toy 

When it comes to keeping sanity, nothing is off the table, even throwing your kids’ toys. Many parents will gladly get rid of the obnoxiously loud toy made to melt any brain cells in their brains. And if the kids ask for that specific toy, they innocently respond with, “Honey, I told you to look after your things. It must be here somewhere.”

Excuses, excuses

A parent will gladly use their child as an excuse to get out of something. It could be a mom blaming her baby for passing smelly gas or getting out of someone’s birthday because the babysitter canceled. If you are in a store and you break something, blaming it on your toddler does not mean you’re anything but human. 

The end 

Shortening bedtime stories because you’re exhausted and want to sleep is quite common. It does not help that your kid is stuck on that one book, and you know most of it by heart. So, instead of going through the whole thing again, your happily ever after comes 10 minutes before the book’s ending. It is not like you won’t have to do the same thing the following night. 

It’s alive! 

If you have a newborn, you might feel the urge to check if your baby is breathing more often than not. It may sound strange to your child-free friends, but there is a reason moms are obsessed with their baby’s well-being beyond their maternal instincts. Postpartum anxiety and similar disorders are common side effects caused by hormonal changes. 

Detective mode

At some point, most parents will start snooping to learn what’s going on in their kids’ lives. If you’re dealing with a preteen or a teenager, you understand that it is all part of growing up. Yet a tiny part of you will want to know more. Once upon a time, parents would go through their kids’ diaries, but in the age of the internet, installing apps to track their movements and “spy” on their conversations is the norm. Keep in mind there is a difference between healthy monitoring and stalking, spying, and intruding on your child. 

White lies 

Santa or any other similar figure helps preserve traditions and children’s innocence. However, many parents take things a step further because they are tired or just lazy. Telling your child that the playground is closed because they are improving the swings might not be the best parenting, but sometimes it is necessary. Telling white lies is also helpful to avoid uncomfortable topics. 

Showering is optional 

Sometimes, you are too exhausted to shower, but you still wear fresh clothes because you cannot show up at work in yesterday’s outfit, and that’s okay. You could have the best intentions and all the energy, but once your kids are done preparing for bedtime, there’s no hot water left. Parenting is hard, and things often do not smell like roses. 

Bending the rules 

Strict plans for limiting screen time—check! But bending the screen time rules is common for parents to get time for themselves, chat, or enjoy the silence. Having a child glued to the phone is alarming, but offering them just 15 more minutes of iPad time will not kill them. 

Homework time

If you think your fifth grader’s math is too hard, you are in good company since a study showed that five out of six parents find helping with homework too tricky. If you feel guilty, don’t because a Pennsylvania State University study found that your role in helping with homework has no impact on student achievement.


If you ever wonder what it feels like to be child-free and even envy your friends without children, you are in the majority. It does not mean you don’t love your children, but sometimes, you want two extra hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can make your mind wander into strange places, and that’s okay. 

Mythical creatures 

It is highly likely that you forgot all about the Tooth Fairy and had to come up with the most impossible scenarios. One dad shared that he told his child the fairy had a wing surgery. With hectic schedules and challenges of modern parenting, it is okay to forget, but don’t make it a habit. 

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