12 Things People Do That Dogs Can’t Stand

Dogs and humans developed an unbreakable bond over 10,000 years ago, but despite mutual love and devotion, there are some human behaviors dogs hate. Here is what to avoid to be a better buddy to your best friend. 

Forcing them to be playful 

Some dogs like meeting new people, kids, dogs, and even cats, while others don’t, and these boundaries should be respected. Instead of forcing your dog to show all its tricks to a stranger, let it meet the person without stressing it out. 

Dressing up 

Some dogs need winter coats, but they need to fit like a glove because, despite being our best friends, dogs are animals and need their movement. Dressing up your dog for fun can raise body temperature and reduce self-regulation. 

Living them alone 

Dogs are social creatures, but if they are left alone in the apartment for a more extended period, they can develop separation anxiety and even depression. If your life gets more hectic, leave your dog with enough food, toys, and perhaps some music, and make it up to them whenever you can. 


Dogs are not huggers. Some will tolerate it because they love you, but others could become fearful and anxious, and a frightened dog could quickly attack. Most children get bitten by dogs while trying to hug them.


Researchers say dogs and 2-year-old children are more similar than toddlers and chimpanzees. Even senior dogs love long walks and interactive toys. If a dog does not get enough physical and mental stimulation, it can lead to issues like destroying furniture or mental health issues. 


Dogs are creatures of habit. They love your daily routine and often try to remind you when to eat, play, or go outside. They are also willing to learn, but dogs will get confused and even discouraged if you show inconsistency while training them. If you are a new dog order, make a timetable with daily activities with your dog to give your pet the best life. 

Staring into a dog’s eyes

Dogs come from wolves, which is often easy to forget. Staring into the wolf’s eyes is perceived as threatening and disrespectful. Your dog might tolerate it or start to feel like you are trying to dominate them. Either way, it is uncomfortable for your puppy, so don’t stare.

Not letting them sniff around 

For dogs, walks are about exercising, meeting new people and pets, and exploring the world. They do not have the same vision as humans, but dogs have an exceptional sense of smell, so sniffing is how they get to know the world around them. 


Yelling can make your dog fearful or even aggressive. While dogs do not recognize what you’re saying, they know the tone of your voice, and yelling can be upsetting. Instead of punishing bad behavior, reward the good one. Punishment only creates anxiety and does not allow the dog to teach anything. 

Loud sounds 

Thunderstorms, fireworks, and similar unpredictable noises can cause dogs to start panting, hiding, or trembling due to fear. Avoiding the 4th of July fireworks is impossible, but you can ask your vet for natural remedies. Additionally, you must comfort your dog with soothing sounds, give them space to hide, and share some treats. 

Not giving them personal space 

It can be a rug or a whole puppy-sized apartment. Your dog does not care as long as it is its space, where the puppy rests, naps, or thinks. It is not a place for playing or petting. 


Chubby dogs are cute but are more likely to develop digestive problems, heart issues, diabetes 2, joint issues, etc. If your dog is obese, talk to a professional about the diet and remember that extra food only brings calories, not extra energy. 

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