12 Things You Should Never Do While Flying

While airplanes do not give out manuals, passengers should follow some unwritten rules to make flights more comfortable for themselves and others. When you’re 35,000 feet in the air, some small things can make a huge difference in your flight and potentially your health while maintaining common courtesy towards fellow passengers. Here are 12 examples of things you should never do during a flight for your own sake and the sake of other passengers.

Don’t sit the whole flight 

Higher altitudes slow blood circulation, so it is crucial to get your feet moving, especially on longer flights, to avoid potential thrombosis. Stretch out, take a few steps, and even do some minor exercise to get your blood moving. While the seatbelt sign is on, follow the instructions and stay seated. Once it is off, you can take a few steps, but try not to bother others. 

Don’t take off your shoes and socks 

While it might not be comfortable to sit in your shoes for hours while stuck in the air, removing them is not an option. First, it shows a lack of decorum. Second, your feet might spread odor to fellow passengers, and that is appalling behavior. Third, there is no way to know what kind of bacteria is on the carpet once people have boarded the plane. This is extremely important if you go barefoot, which happens often on long flights. 

Don’t get wasted 

Some people drink to ease flight anxiety. The reality is different: alcohol dehydrates your body at high altitudes so that you might feel nauseous. You might get too loud, vomit, or pushy with other passengers, which can only end in a disaster. Remember that if you “smuggle in” even the smallest amount of alcohol, it is a Federal Aviation Administration violation, and you could get fined.  

Don’t forget to put on headphones 

If you forget your headphones, you can disinfect the ones provided by the plane because no one wants to hear what you’re listening to. You never know why someone is on a flight or their health condition, and unless you want to go viral for disregarding other people on a long-haul flight, always put on your headphones while listening to music or watching movies. 

Don’t let children run around 

Flying with children can be stressful, but letting them run freely will annoy others and potentially lead to injuries. If you decide to let your kids go loose mid-flight, people will confront you, and rightfully so. However, remember that planes have small aisles, which increases the chances of your child getting hurt. Instead, download games children can play offline, stack up on books, and watch their favorite movies. 

Don’t eat stinky foods

The last thing anyone needs in a confined space is a smelly tuna can. Strong smells and airplanes don’t mix, and it will earn you numerous side-eyes, with the possibility of passengers around starting to throw up. Choose respect for others instead of aromatic foods. 

Don’t think of flight attendants as servants 

Flight attendants are not responsible for prices, seating arrangements, Wi-Fi problems, or any similar issues you may experience. Their responsibility is safety, and while they will do whatever they can to make your flight more comfortable, they will likely be more helpful if you show some respect. If you need something urgently, press the button, but don’t shout at them or invade their personal spaces. 

Don’t drink the water

It is essential to hydrate through a flight since cabins have low humidity, but even flight attendants buy water bottles, and there is a reason for it. Numerous researchers confirmed that it is safer to buy bottled water since water tanks on airplanes aren’t cleaned very often. This is why you should also avoid coffee and tea while on the plane. 

Don’t wear contact lenses

Wear glasses instead of contact lenses. It may sound strange, but lenses can make eyes drier during flight due to low humidity. This is not a rule, but sitting for hours while experiencing discomfort in your eyes can be pretty frightening. If you must, make sure to have eye drops near you. 

Don’t let your legs run wild 

If you have longer legs, book a seat with extra leg space. Many assume they will get a pass because they are taller than average, so flights are less comfortable. However, getting someone’s seat kneed in or kicked could get you called out, and you won’t win. It is not the fault of fellow passengers that airplanes don’t have enough seats for long-legged people. 

Don’t use lavatories during boarding or take-off 

Do your business before the flight. You will only slow down the traffic, and that will not please the crew or other passengers. If you must use aircraft lavatories before takeoff, make sure it is not during the safety demonstration. Otherwise, the flight attendant will have to start from the beginning when everyone is back in their seats. The best time to do what you must do is when the seatbelt signs are off.

Don’t call for help unless it is an emergency 

The call light button should be used only for genuine emergencies. Airline personnel are not your servers, despite serving you, but they are trained to help in medical emergencies. They do regular check-ups for those who need extra drinks, but it is in your best interest to avoid making false alarms. 

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