12 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong, Healthy, and Long-Lasting

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Relationships have ups and downs, but if you find the right person, there are ways to make it withstand the test of time. Though every partnership is different, some universally proven ways will help, but only if you are dedicated to making it work. Here are ways to build a healthy, long-lasting relationship and lifelong partnership. 

Realistic expectations 

Forget about fairytales and lists: if you find someone who might be your person, they will likely not check all the boxes or be perfect in any way, but all that matters is they are ideal for you. Keep relationship expectations realistic and make the change come naturally to you and your partner. 

Be yourself

Pretending to be someone else is robbing your partner of showing them all your uniqueness and quirkiness. Being authentic is more fun and will improve your chances of your relationship becoming a healthy, lifelong partnership. Naturally, this works if both partners avoid pretending and allow each other to be the way they are. 

Nothing comes overnight

Most people do not find their perfect match out of the bloom. Instead, relationships take time, and if your foundation is solid, you share life goals and genuinely like each other, so you have better chances of beating all odds. 

Create your rituals 

Creating healthy rituals, like going to bed at the same time, is romantic and improves your relationship. You shouldn’t get lost in your partner, but these little rituals will strengthen your bond. You can choose one day per month to go on a date, regardless of your hectic schedule, or have a night where you disconnect from the outside world and make plans for trips or talk about your favorite books or music. 

Fight fair

Focus on the issue, and do not use disagreements to make your partner feel smaller in any way. Avoid name-calling and raising your voice, and try to make your point clear and take responsibility for your actions. Fighting is common, but know each other’s boundaries and triggers and do not use them against each other. 

Make time for yourself 

You cannot be fully independent while in a relationship, but you also do not want to lose yourself. Take a break and make your partner miss you by going out with your friends, find a hobby that is uniquely yours, and inspire your partner to do the same. Aside from what happened at work, you will have more to say to your loved one, and they will get to know you on a deeper level. 

Create new experiences 

A dose of spontaneity can only make an already great relationship even better. Do something out of the box, like skydiving or spending a wild night in Vegas. Find ways to keep the excitement and ability to surprise your partner to avoid getting stuck in a rut. 

The power of touch 

Touching your loved one releases feel-good endorphins and strengthens your connection. It does not have to be a full-on PDA. Instead, it can be tickling, hugging, or holding hands, regardless of whether you have been together for two months or twenty years. 

Be vulnerable

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable shows that you trust your partner and deepens emotional intimacy. Share your hopes and dreams, reveal your emotions and weaknesses, and open all gates of communication. Many people believe vulnerability is a weakness, but letting your guard down only means you are not afraid to show your authentic self. 


If something bothers or troubles you, speak up. If your partner wants to tell you something, listen. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship that will overcome obstacles. Healthy communication makes it easier to deal with disagreements and allows you to keep learning about your loved one. 

Grow together 

Growing up does not end once you turn 18. People are constantly learning and evolving, so encourage each other to move forward while remaining on the same page regarding needs and values. 

It’s a teamwork 

Try not to keep score because you are on the same team, and if your partner makes a mistake, you should not hold that against them to make yourself look better. If something does not look good to you, tell them, and let them know what you want from them. In a healthy relationship, you are equals, but no one is perfect. However, you can create a world that’s perfect for you two.

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