20 Things We Do That Make Absolutely No Sense

It’s no secret that humans can act really weird, sometimes our actions make absolutely no sense at all. Here are 20 things we do that perfectly prove we’re the weirdest creatures.

Stopping the Microwave Early

There’s an odd thrill in stopping the microwave right before it beeps that’s oddly satisfying, even if no one else is around to hear it.

Overthinking Your Attendance Call

The anxiety over how we sounded when saying “here” during attendance is quite common in the classroom, possibly as a reflection of our internal desire for perfection and fear of making mistakes.

Tilting Your Controller

Thinking tilting your controller helps in a game is something we’ve all tried, even though we know it doesn’t actually do anything.

Checking the Fridge Over and Over

Looking in the fridge, finding nothing, and checking again a few minutes later as if something new will appear is a habit that defies logic, yet we all do it.

Checking Your Phone Is on Silent

Even though our phones are often already on silent, we feel compelled to check them before a movie starts or a meeting kicks off. It’s a ritual that doesn’t quite add up.

Throwing Away Microwave Meal Instructions

Why do we toss out the box with the cooking instructions and then have to dig it out of the trash? It’s like we expect to suddenly remember the cook time by magic.

Waiting for the Right Show to Eat

Not eating your food until you find the perfect show to watch is a modern dilemma. It’s like the food won’t taste right without the ideal entertainment pairing.

Taking Too Long After a Shower

The time spent doing nothing in particular after a shower is a weird kind of luxury, even if it makes us late.

Rereading Sent Messages

Going over emails or texts you’ve just sent, as if you could change them, is a mix of hope and anxiety we can all relate to.

Abandoning Online Shopping Carts

Filling up an online cart and then not buying anything because of a shipping fee doesn’t really make sense, especially when we’re already willing to spend way more on the items themselves.

Watching Someone Else’s Screen on a Plane

It’s a mystery why we get hooked on the screen in front of us instead of our own during a flight. Is it the movie choice, or are we just looking for a shared experience with a stranger?

Pretending to Be in a Movie While Listening to Music

There’s something about music that turns ordinary moments into something more. Walking down the street with your headphones in can suddenly feel like you’re in a dramatic scene of a film.

Walking Around While on the Phone

Why we walk aimlessly around the house while on the phone is a question for the ages, but it’s a common occurrence.

The Late-Night Scroll

We’ve all been there: telling ourselves we’re going to bed early only to get caught in the endless scroll of social media or the internet. It defies our own logic, especially when we’re yawning through the process.

Hitting Save Multiple Times

Saving a document multiple times in a row comes from a deep place of mistrust with technology, despite knowing it’s probably fine after the first save.

Lying in Bed with Your Hand in the Air

For some reason, putting your hand up while lying in bed is a thing. It’s a comfort move that’s hard to explain.

Naming Files Slightly Differently

Saving versions of a document under slightly different names is a habit born out of caution, even if it leads to a cluttered desktop.

Avoiding What You Actually Want in Stores

Pretending to look at something else when someone is near the item you want is something we all do at some point. 

Skipping Songs on Shuffle

Putting your playlist on shuffle only to skip songs until you find the one you actually want to listen to makes you wonder why you didn’t just play that song in the first place.

Aiming for an Even Number at the Gas Pump

Trying to get your gas purchase to end in a round number is a mini-game we play for no real reason, but getting it just right feels like a win.

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