Half of America Faces Recession as the Dollar Continues to Lose Value: Report

America is grappling with economic slowdowns and financial challenges, a situation highlighted in a Game of Trades report revealing that half of the US is now in a recession as the dollar’s value continues to drop.

Game of Trades’ Alarming Report

Known for their insightful financial analysis, Game of Trades recently released a report that has sparked widespread conversation. Their findings indicate that the situation is more severe than occasional obstacles; half of the states in the U.S. are facing a recession, and the outlook is far from positive. 

The 22-State Economic Crisis

The analysis from Game of Trades is straightforward about the grim situation faced by 22 states during the last quarter of 2023. These states are experiencing not just minor setbacks but a significant economic crisis, characterized by a mix of declining economic indicators from soaring unemployment rates to reduced manufacturing hours and falling real wages. 

This goes beyond simple roadblocks; it’s a crisis swallowing half of the nation’s economic strength

Patterns of Economic Decline

Exploring the depths of this economic slump shows a predictable pattern of cascading effects. Game of Trades highlights that not every state has the same economic strength; those already on unstable footing were the first to fall under the weight of recessionary pressures. 

A Nation on the Brink

This analysis reveals a worrying reality—the U.S. is on the brink of a nationwide recession, with half of its states already suffering, but there’s a silver lining: The other half of the U.S. remains resilient, though cautious. 

Two Different Americas

Game of Trades underscores the significance of staying alert, monitoring economic indicators for either recovery or further downturns. It paints a picture of two different Americas: one struggling to keep its head above water and the other managing to hold its ground for the time being.

The U.S. Dollar’s Struggle

The U.S. dollar is currently facing a challenging situation. Amid the economic ups and downs, the dollar is undeniably struggling, particularly when compared to rising stars like the Kenyan Shilling. 

Russia’s Move Against the Dollar

The situation intensifies with Russia, Russia, a BRICS member, is actively encouraging Middle Eastern countries to reject the US dollar for oil transactions. This move by Russian President Vladimir Putin is in response to the economic sanctions imposed by the US following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. 

The Dollar vs. BRICS

Since the sanctions were enacted, Russia has faced significant economic challenges, with a noticeable decrease in direct trade revenue. Despite these sanctions, Putin is seeking retribution against the US by urging oil-rich countries, including BRICS partners like Egypt and the UAE, to stop using the US dollar for oil sales.

Federal Reserve’s Optimistic Forecast

This situation signals a threat to the dollar’s leading position. Yet, there’s a different perspective from the Federal Reserve, which sees the economic landscape in a much more positive light. They’re forecasting an era of growth and financial health, in sharp contrast to others’ dire predictions. 

Brighter Days Ahead?

With predictions of economic expansion, a stable job market, and a surging stock market, the future looks bright, according to the Fed.

Promising Growth vs. Persistent Risks

Despite this optimism, risks of economic disruptions and inflation remain, making the Federal Reserve’s task of balancing growth with inflation control a delicate endeavor. 

The future holds promise but is not without its challenges.


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