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How to Save Money on Your Hair, Skin and Nails

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When creating a budget, you always include the basics: Rent/mortgage, food, utilities, transportation, medical expenses, credit cards and other payments. But what if your nails and hair need attention, or you need cosmetics and face cream to keep yourself looking (and feeling) good. You can take care of yourself and still pay your bills if you know just a few tricks and beauty tips for saving money.

Save Money at the Nail Salon

Pedicures are a must in the summer but they can be expensive. You might get a discount if you combine your pedicure with a manicure. Some other ways you can save money:

  • Some salons charge for nail polish so bring your own.
  • Don’t get a new mani/pedi each time. Just ask for a color change.
  • Unless you wear a lot of open-toed shoes in the winter, skip the pedicure until the spring.

How to Have Great Hair

Professional hair color or style can cost hundreds of dollars at some high-end salons. Look for a local salon. If you have a simple hairstyle, get a cut at a discount salon, where haircuts start as low as $10. Plus, don’t forget to check beauty colleges for great deals on haircuts and styles.

Department store shelves are full of do-it-yourself hair color. Always remember to test before coloring your hair to make sure you are not allergic. While the directions are simple and you can do it yourself, ask a friend or family member to help you, to ensure all of your hair is covered in the solution.

Cosmetics, Face Creams and Facial Masks

Caring for your face can get very expensive if you purchase some of the pricey products in the mall department stores. With a little research you can find comparable products at discount retailers or drugstores. Stores like CVS often have coupons or rewards programs that will save you even more money. Walgreens often awards extra points for beauty purchases.

Other Beauty Tips for Saving Money

You can also find discounts on coupon sites such as Groupon. Also, ask about each establishment about loyalty programs. Many hair and nail salons offer a free service after you have completed 10 or more.

If you are still having a hard time fitting beauty into your budget, ask friends and family for gift certificates at Christmas or on your birthday. You don’t have to sacrifice looking good just because your budget is tight.

How do you save money on beauty? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • My wife has bought her own nail warming lamp. It cost about £100 but she now does her own nails which would have normally cost her about £30 per session. She makes the money back in a couple of weeks

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