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Best Types Of Apps For Money Management

apps for money management

apps for money managementEffective money management is one of the best ways to ensure you remain financially secure. Over the years, I have found that managing my money is much easier when I use apps for money management. There are apps available for all types of financial situations and the ones that you choose to use should be based on which ones provide you with the biggest benefits. Here are some of the best types of apps for money management on the market today and their ratings on the Google Play Store.

Apps For Budgeting

It is impossible to have effective money management if you do not know how much money is coming in each month and where that money is going. Apps for budgeting simplifies the task by keeping track of your earnings and the amount that you are spending in different categories each month. Most apps for budgeting also lets you set up spending limits for each category being tracked, so you can monitor when you are getting close to your limit and when you are overspending.

  • YNAB – Rating 4.8
  • Fudget 2: Budget Planner – Rating 4.8
  • Mint – Rating 4.2
  • Goodbudget – Rating 4.2
  • PocketGuard – Rating 3.7
  • EveryDollar – Rating 3.2
  • Honeydue – Rating 3.3

Apps For Monitoring Accounts

Account security has become increasingly important as more of the world’s transactions are done online. Apps for monitoring accounts are used to flag changes to your accounts and notify you quickly so you can take action if necessary. While many types of online accounts provide notification options within their own websites, there are also a number of apps that compile all of your information in one place.

  • LifeLock – Rating 4.7
  • ID Shield – Rating 4.6
  • Identity Guard: ID Protection – Rating 4.5
  • Aura: Security & Protection – Rating 4.3
  • IdentityIQ – Rating 3.7
  • Zander Identity Theft – Rating 3.4

Apps for Comparing Prices

Saving money is always great when it comes to managing your finances. Fortunately, there are a lot of apps available for comparing prices in all types of shopping categories, from clothing to travel to medications to gas for your car. Use one of these apps before you go to make your purchase to see what retailers have the lowest prices.

  • GoodRX – Rating 4.8
  • Flipp – Rating 4.7
  • ShopSavvy – Rating 4.7
  • Gasbuddy – Rating 4.1
  • Mycartsavings – Rating 3.9
  • – Rating 3.7

Apps for Finding Coupons

Another easy and effective way to save money is to use apps to find coupons for the purchases you need to make. Finding a coupon before making your purchase can save you a considerable amount of money and that money adds up over a year. Different apps pull coupon information from different sources, so many people use more than one app to ensure they are getting the best deals.

  • RetailMeNot – Rating 4.7
  • Groupon – Rating 4.6
  • PayPal Honey – Rating 4.1
  • Rakuten – Rating 3.8

The large number of apps for money management available can make it confusing to choose the right ones for your needs. You may have to try a few different apps to find one that gives you the results that you are looking for. Once you select an app that looks promising, try it for a month to see how it works out. If it does not perform the way you need it to, remove your information, delete the app, and try another one.

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