Brody Jenner’s Career

After last night’s long-awaited debut of the sixth – and “final” – season of The Hills, I found myself wondering how exactly these spoiled reality show stars make a living.  Sure, they get paid ridiculous amounts to act like tools on TV and make out with their hussied-up “co-stars”, but after all is said and done, what are their real careers?

Take Brody Jenner for example.  Brody’s character on the show is the token good-looking guy that every girl fights over.  I’ll admit, I’ve found myself ogling over his boyish good looks from time to time.  But aside from his “job” on the show I’m not exactly sure what he’s qualified to do.

He obviously comes from good genes.  His dad is the infamous Olympic decathlon gold-medal winner, Bruce Jenner.  Bruce also happens to star in a recurring role on another hit reality show that you may have heard of called “Keeping up with Kim the Kardashians”.  But the difference between the two Jenner’s roles is that you can tell that Bruce knows that his reality stardom is a bunch of crap.  I have a bit of a soft spot for Bruce even though he did almost succumb to the Hollywood pressures with all that facial surgery (not a good move, Bruce).  In my opinion, he’s the funniest and most relatable person on KUWTK.  It could be because he actually has a real job aside from the show – motivational speaker – or that he is the only voice of reason in the Kardashian house (which I admit, is probably a pretty easy position to come by among those loony girls).

Anyways, back to Brody.  Seriously, what does he do?  His Wikipedia page claims that he has three occupations.  Guess what they are?  Wait for it…. wait…. for….. it……

  • Model
  • TV Personality
  • Socialite (!!!!!!!!)

I think I heard once that he was into modeling, but I’ve never actually seen him model in anything.  And, socialite?!  Since when did that become an occupation?!  I am astonished by how jaded Hollywood is to actually *think* that a SOCIALITE is an occupation.

After The Hills is over, what will he do with himself?  How will he make money?  Will he fall back on his socialite certifications and training to support himself and his family?  Maybe he’ll write a book about how to be a socialite?  (Sadly, I think Paris Hilton has already beat him to the punch.)

Well, good luck with all that, Brody.  I am sure that your socialite career will make you quite prosperous in the years to come.


  • Haha! Good question. I’ve actually wondered the same thing about what he and other reality stars actually do with their time.

  • As much as we all want to talk crap about the Hilton girls and a lot of the other “reality show” stars and/or “socialites”….a lot of them have taken advantage and turned their “fame” into money-making machines. Which, while I think is ridiculous (for some reason I feel you need to EARN fame!)….at least they’re setting themselves up financially for when that “fame” dies down (I hope that’s what they’re doing with their money). However, I’m not sure the same can be said for Brody….that boy is wasting his time if he isn’t!!

  • I wonder about that too. Depending on the situation, I think that people are screwing themselves over by being on reality tv. Like the kids from Real World… how are they going to get decent jobs after acting like idiots on national tv?

  • Everything you said is SO true. Since when did “socialite” become an actual occupation? Brody is definitely not ugly (a part of me had a little crush on him when he first debuted on the Hills), but he’s not *amazing*-looking either. If his daddy wasn’t Bruce, methinks he’d be just another good-looking LA guy, trying to get into Area and Les Deux every Friday night. (I, too, love Bruce — he’s totally the voice of reason in that crazy Kardashian household that I just can’t get enough of every Sunday night.)

    After the Hills is over, Brody will probably just make a ton of money doing nightclub and red-carpet appearances, and perhaps be the face of some hair product or teeth whitener in Japan. (Did you know “celebs” can make upwards of $200,000 per nightclub appearance? Seriously. All they have to do is show up most of the time.)

  • Hmm, good question! I often wondered what the heck he does . . . and for that matter, what does Spencer do all day? Maybe I don’t want to know.

  • Preach, Carrie! From watching enough crap tv, I think I have an idea of what exactly a “Socialite” does. For one, networking is their thing! They spend all day lunching with the finest, and then all evening either dining or partying with the finest. Compensation comes in the form of befriending someone that actually has a job and then mooching off the perks. Or you could marry into wealth (hey K.Fed…).

  • The stars of the reality TV shows get money for being on the show (like, the amount of money normal people earn in a year). Then, they get paid money by various stores, clubs, etc. just for showing up to promote that business. They also make money by selling stories to tabloids. After the show ends, they probably have a few years of being “famous” left. The ideal is to parlay this “fame” into other moneymaking opportunities.

    Theoretically, you could probably also just sae diligently and be set for the rest of your life. That’s not really the path most famewhores take, though.

  • HAHA! I totally had the same reaction when I clicked on the link and saw socialite! I didn’t know that was an occupation, and I obviously fell upon the wrong career if it is!

  • […] Brody Jenner ‘s Career | Blonde & Balanced – Brody Jenner’s Career. By B&B on April 28, 2010. … Compensation comes in the form of befriending someone that actually has a job and then mooching off the perks. Or you could marry into wealth (hey K.Fed…). Reply. Carrie says: May 3, 2010 at 9:58 am. […]

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