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Cheap Ways To Hydrate Dry Feet at Home

Hydrate Dry Feet at Home

I’m the first to admit that I don’t take great care of my feet. Although I walk around a lot, I often choose “cute” over comfortable when it comes to my shoes. Moreover, I’ve never really liked going to get a pedicure. However, I recently had an amazing massage that included thirty minutes of foot treatment. It made me want to start taking better care of my feet. One thing I can do is find inexpensive ways to hydrate feet at home.

The Problem With Dry Feet

I’m actually lucky in that my feet stay in fairly good condition despite my poor treatment of them. For the most part, I want to take better care of my feet so that my whole body feels better. So, although I don’t have much of a problem with dry feet, learning how to hydrate feet at home is a good first step.

Some people do have serious problems with dry feet. For example, you might experienced cracked heels, skin pain, and callous buildup. Making sure to keep your feet well-hydrated can help repair those problems.

The Cost Of Regular Pedicures

Maybe you enjoy going to the day spa for a mani pedi. It’s not my thing. However, I love massages and facials. Therefore, I can completely understand if you don’t want to give up your regular pedicures. Nevertheless, you do know that they cost money. As a result, if you need to cut back on spending, then DIY foot treatment can be a great way to do that. If you love spa pedicures as self-care, you can continue them. However, you might reduce your frequency and do more at-home care for a more balanced budget option.

Easy Ways to Hydrate Feet At Home

There are so many easy ways to hydrate feet at home. Moreover, many of them are very affordable. They fall into two categories: DIY treatments and other good habits.

DIY Foot Treatments

Here are some affordable ways to DIY good at-home foot care:

  • Use Vaseline. Slather it on your feet at night, cover your feet with socks, and let it soak in.
  • Try an oatmeal-based foot rub. Instead of using regular soap on and around your feet, soak them in an oatmeal bath. Simply mix oatmeal with milk, lather it onto your feet, and let your feet soak up the moisture.
  • Soak your feet in an Epsom salt bath. Try this at least once a week. In fact, a bath in Epsom salt is good for your whole body.
  • Try a vinegar soak. That’s right; soaking your feet in vinegar can help remove dead skin. This, in turn, allows soft fresh skin to emerge.
  • Other DIY Foot Soaks include peppermint, chamomile, coffee, baking soda, and clay. Each of these has unique moisturizing benefits.

Good Habits That Hydrate Feet At Home

There are also some things you can do to your routine that help keep your feet hydrated:

  • Drink more water. Your dry feet are a symptom. Drinking more water rehydrates all of your skin, including your cracked heels.
  • Reduce soap use. Make sure you use gentle body soap especially on and around your feet. Don’t overuse soap, as doing so can dry out the skin. Additionally, don’y scrub your feet clean. Gently wash them and pat them dry.
  • Reduce shower time and shower heat. The more often you take hot showers and baths, the more likely you are to dry out your feet. It sounds weird that more water dries you put. However, external water like showers removes your body’s natural oils, leading to dryness. Take fewer showers, shorter showers, and showers with warm water instead of hot water.
  • Moisturize daily. Whether you use a DIY moisturizer or an affordable lotion, make sure to rub it on your feet every single day.

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