6 Common Misconceptions Society Wants Us to Believe

Socially constructed modern myths can make your life more challenging, yet you are not even allowing yourself to think that the solution you were given might not be what you need. Here are the most common everyday myths you might want to remove from your life to make it richer and happier.

Money can’t buy happiness

A recent study, “Income and emotional well-being: A conflict resolved,” concluded that “happiness continues to rise with income, even in the high range of incomes.” One of the study’s authors, Matthew Killingsworth, explained, “In the simplest terms, this suggests that for most people, larger incomes are associated with greater happiness.” No, money cannot actually buy happiness, but with money, you have less to worry about.

Old dogs cannot learn new tricks

It is not the truth for senior dogs, nor is it the truth for humans. While there is a science that supports that you can learn well into your older years, here are some fun facts from real life. Colonel Harland Sanders started the Kentucky Fried Chicken at 65. Mohr Keet began bungee jumping at 88 and, at 96, became the world’s oldest jumper. Laura Ingalls Wilder began writing “Little House on the Prairie” at 65.

A college degree is a must

People tend to confuse one’s drive for success with formal education. Some people might shine in the majestic world of academia, while others will find their path without a degree. You might already have a degree, but you might want to listen to your gut if your passions are elsewhere. The bottom line is that you can be successful if you have the drive and want to learn because there is something bigger than a college degree – a passion for knowledge and success.

Married… with children

Many tend to marry because they think that’s what they need. The same social norm is used for bringing children into this world, but who’s to say you must get married and have kids? If you don’t feel ready, or you are unsure about your partner, why not be honest with yourself and save both of the misery that will follow? Will you have regrets? Maybe. But you might regret getting married and having children with the wrong person.

Skinny equals healthy

Being naturally slim comes down to genetics and certain health advantages in most cases. However, health goes beyond your weight. It is connected to your stress levels, eating habits, and exercise. Going on crazy diets and insisting on being thin can be as harmful as being obese. If you have trouble with your weight, talk to your doctor and accept that not everyone was born to be size 4, though this is not an excuse for letting yourself go.

Boys don’t cry

This simple statement ruined many lives because men who weren’t allowed to express their emotions ended up becoming victims of toxic masculinity. Mental Health America found that men are “two to three times more likely to abuse drugs than women” and develop severe mental health issues. The difference between men and women is that women allow themselves to be vulnerable and avoid bottling up their feelings. Men were taught to hide, and that stigma only causes issues in the long run.

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