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Do You Have HGTV Envy?

I’m sitting on my couch in my 2-bedroom apartment in Midwestern Missouri and finding myself so envious of these young, rich couples traipsing around the island of St. John looking for the perfect vacation home.

I just realized that I feel this way a lot when I watch HGTV (which by the way, is like crack – I need help).  I want to landscape the yard that I don’t have.  I want to renovate the Income Property below me that is actually an apartment that I don’t own.  I want to find my vacation home in St. John!

However, I’m only 25 and I haven’t achieved all of my goals of home ownership and financial freedom yet.  I plan so much for the future that I sometimes forget to live in the moment.

Guess what, young, rich couple?!  I don’t have to do maintenance on my apartment!  Good luck with that in St. John!

Take that, HGTV!


  • Hi Carrie, I just discovered your blog and I love it! I hope you get a chance to check mine out, too. And to answer your question: I have HGTV envy all. the. time. Especially when I’m watching House Hunters and it’s a young girl about my age looking at huge houses with huge yards. And in the episodes where I’m especially jealous, she has a dog, too. They do that for spite, don’t they 🙂 But like you, I’m saving for a home, so I know that some day, I’ll be house-hunting, too.

  • before I canceled cable, I loved HGTV. House hunters is always fun. Drove me crazy when people are like “oh, this is too small” and it’s a perfectly nice sized master bedroom. I don’t miss cable any more (except maybe the weather channel – weird!). It’s funny that you brought up HGTV envy. I feel sometimes like I’m constantly comparing myself to other people – job, lifestyle, house – and then I usually find myself lacking. And then last weekend, our pastor handed out small paper bags. The object lesson that went along w/ the message (envy kills your joy) was that your life is your bag, so we should stop looking in other people’s bags. Look in your own bag, and fill it with things that God has already given you. I’m paraphrasing, here…so all week I’ve had the paper bag sitting on my desk and whenever I start to feel uncomfortable with who I am, I look at the bag and think, it’s ok, this is my bag. LOL. I don’t know if that makes sense.

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