Do You Pamper?

Last week, I spent a girl’s day with my Mom.  We shopped, ate, drank, gossiped, and pampered ourselves.

Now, in my opinion, pampering one’s self mostly consists of a ice-cold cocktail on a warm summer day.

But, during the extravaganza, my mom and I spent $40 on….a pedicure.

Good Lord, when did those things become so damn expensive?!

To be fair, my mom actually paid for my pedicure (hey, I bought lunch, okay?)…but still – forty bucks?  The personal finance side of my mind cringed.  Yikes.

During the pedi, I actually said out loud “I can’t remember the last time I pampered myself like this.”  And it’s true – I really don’t partake in too many unnecessary luxuries.  I’ve gotten 2 pedicures (counting this one), 2 manicures, and 1 massage in my life.

In my opinion, they’re not really worth it…I can just as easily buy a $4 bottle of toenail polish at Wal-mart and then guilt trip Lloyd into rubbing my back for free (kidding…).

So, I wonder, am I alone?  Do you pamper?  I’m curious…

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  • I’ve never gotten a manicure or a pedicure, but I did do a spa day at one of the fanciest spas here in Vancouver just as a treat, and to see what it was like. It was just over $400 (!!!!!) – I quit my job and spent my paid out vacation days on it.

    IMO, it was really nice and relaxing but totally not worth it.

  • Pampering is one of those areas that I don’t splurge on. I always do my own toe nails (because I don’t think anyone can tell the difference any way!). The only time I’ve gotten massages were at a bachlorette weekend and because I got a gift certificate. It’s a nice thing to do and maybe if I had a ton of disposable income, I’d do it more. It’s been years since I’ve had a mani!

    I have a (broke) friend who get a manicure every other week and I just don’t understand. It’s the latte factor expcept with nails instead of coffee. It adds up really fast!!!

    • @Krystal Wow! $400 – I bet that was a nice spa day!!

      @Meinmillions I agree – if I was loaded, I would totally get a massage everyday. The one that I did get was amazing! But at ~$60…I just can’t justify it.

      @eemusings A birthday spa day is high on my wishlist….maybe I can mention that to Lloyd.. he he

      @Frugal Dreamer I actually do get my hair highlighted – but I try to wait as long as I can….like every 3-4 months. But I agree…manis really aren’t worth it!

  • I secretly love getting pedicures. I love how soft my feet are afterwards (I get really dry heals normally) and how cute my toes look. But like you, I think $40 is unnecessary!

    So, I haven’t had a pedicure since last August when a girlfriend paid for me to get one on my Birthday.

    I have never had a professional massage or facial. I don’t dye my hair and never get manicures. Totally not worth it!

  • Since I’m a guy, I’m sitting here wondering what pampering would like for a guy. I don’t think most guys would really like a pedi but we might like a massage. I don’t know, I’ve never had either. I can’t really think of any other way that I pamper, so I guess the answer is no. For our honeymoon, we are planning on splurging and getting pampered which will mean things like really nice rooms, room service, spa treatments, etc. I’ll let you know if I think pampering is worth the money! 🙂

  • I’m like you — I’ve only gotten like 4 total manis/pedis in my life. I usually just buy my own manicure “kits” or individual polishes and do my own at home. I do badger my husband to massage/lotion my feet (LOL), but he doesn’t do a very good job and usually tries to finish as quickly as possible. Sigh. I try to reason with him that thousands of men would kill to be in his position, massaging my tootsies, but he just shakes his head and laughs at me like I’m crazy. 😉

    Hopefully one day when I have a lot more money I’ll be able to visit the spa regularly for massages/facials/pedis. At least, that’s the dream!

  • I don’t do any of these things for “pampering”. Manicures are pointless because I keep my nails super-short for work. I stopped getting pedicures when they banned the use of that “cheese slicer” tool. I could care less about my toenails – more interested in keeping my feet from getting all dry and rough.

    As for massages, I don’t get them unless I’m in pain or I’m trying to prevent pain. That also describes why most of my clients get one from me – I hate getting the “relaxing indulgence” kind, and I’m not too fond of giving it either. As such, I would never waste my time or money getting one at a spa.

    @Forest – many of my male massage clients secretly confess that they get pedicures once or twice a year to “clean up their feet” for flip-flop season. A few of them get pedis monthly (which I think is odd). They’re totally straight, but go to the gay part of town for this so that they don’t stand out. I think that’s hysterical.

  • i don’t do much pampering but it’s not because i don’t want to, it’s because i don’t have much time to.

    if you want a nice service on the cheap, try your local beauty college. make sure it’s a nice beauty college.

  • Pampering is great but the price should matter. You deserved to be pampered but if the price is not right then its not worth it.

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