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Free Valentine’s Gifts: 5 Ways to Show Your Romantic Side Without Spending Money

There are a lot of terrific reasons to give free Valentine’s gifts. Of course, saving money is the most popular reasons. However, you might also discover that by limiting yourself to free gifts, you open yourself up to creativity. As your imagination gets going, you might come up with gifts that are far more personal and touching than anything you could buy in a store.

Here are five ways to show your romantic side with free Valentine’s gifts:

1. Express Yourself through Art

What are you able to do creatively? Can you sing, write poetry, draw a picture? You can turn any of those talents into a free Valentine’s gift. The trick is to make sure that whatever you create shows a true understanding of the person who will be receiving the gift.

For example, if your partner loves nature, then you could incorporate a nature theme into your creative self-expression. Similarly, a partner who enjoys fine wine will be surprised when you write a poem using the names of their favorite blends.

Are you worried that you aren’t creative enough? Don’t be. Use your computer skills to put together a music playlist, a set of themed videos, or an emoji-based picture.

Make sure that the sentiment you express through this work is a reflection of the authentic emotions you feel for your partner. If you follow that rule, you really can’t go wrong.

2. Visit the Library Together

It’s unfortunate that so many people today neglect their local libraries. The wonders to be found there are amazing. Here in San Francisco, the library offers so much more than just books to read. They have classes, lectures, movie nights, and other events. Furthermore, they offer free tickets to local museums. I could plan an entire year of free dates using what my library offers.

Even if your library’s offerings are scarcer, you can make a date of it. Go to the library together. However, separate once you are there. Challenge each other to find one book, CD, or DVD that perfectly expresses your feelings for the other person. Take as much time as you need. After all, the process is a big part of this date. When you’re done, go home together, and share what you’ve found with one another. You might spend the rest of the day reading aloud to each other in bed.

3. Free Valentine’s Gifts: Make a Memory Scrapbook

Technically this falls under the category of “expressing yourself.” However, it really deserves its own bullet point because it’s particularly poignant. When you collect and curate items that remind you of your partner and your relationship, you show them how much every moment with them has meant to you. It’s one of the most special free Valentine’s gifts that you can give. (Well, it’s free as long as you upcycle all of the supplies. It can still be frugal even if you have to purchase the scrapbook and papers.)

Hopefully, you have been collecting ticket stubs, restaurant menus, and photographs throughout your relationship. If not, that’s okay. Brainstorm a list of all of the memories you have together. Then brainstorm ways to represent those things. You might go to favorite restaurants to collect menus for your scrapbook. Perhaps you can use magazine cutouts to represent certain memories. Get creative and get going!

4. A Romantic, Authentic Conversation

We live in a busy world. Therefore, what your partner truly wants most is often just uninterrupted time with you. Set it aside. Turn your phones and other devices off. Don’t give in to the temptation to watch a movie. Instead, sit quietly together, and see what unfolds. Dig deep into your emotions and share your heart with your partner. You might be surprised to realize that even though you talk all of the time, it’s actually been a long time since you’ve had a real heart to heart conversation. What better day than Valentine’s Day to make a gift of that?

5. Look for Local Free Activities

Every single town and city offers things that you can do for free. If you already do these often, then pick your favorite and make a Valentine’s Day date out of it. Alternatively, pick something you’ve never done before so that you can try something new together. If you have never taken advantage of your area’s free options, you’ll find a slew of free date ideas to try. Make sure to take a photo of your date as a tangible reminder of it.

What have been your favorite free Valentine’s gifts or date ideas? Share in the comments below.

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