How to Buy an Engagement Ring


Buying an engagement ring or getting engaged is a huge moment for anyone.  It’s also a huge moment for your finances!  For many people, it will take months or years of saving money, planning the proposal, and researching diamonds before you buy the perfect engagement ring.

I wrote about this topic for the Lending Tree blog today, where I described 5 tips to help you pick out bling for your beloved.  Here’s an excerpt:

“In my own experience, my fiancé and I purchased my engagement ring and wedding band from a local store, but we went to a national chain for his wedding band.  If the two had to duke it out in a dual for best customer service and overall experience, the local store would win by a landslide.”

And that’s a true story, too.  My fiancé and I received awful customer service from Helzberg Diamonds.  We still don’t have a ring in our hands and we already dropped $700 at their store.  Todd, their customer service vice president, even tweeted me to tell me he wanted to fix the problem.  But, when I e-mailed him describing our experience, he never e-mailed back…..  Shame, shame.  Local stores FTW!

Check out my article, 5 Tips for Buying the Right Engagement Ring, on the Lending Tree Blog today!


  • T went with… a store that was local to new jersey but had good online prices and actually bought my ring site unseen (videos, pictures, and specifications)! Some people kind of cringe when/if we share that, but the price was much more competitive – and certainly more competitive than the popular online retailers (blue nile, etc.). I kept asking T to write a guest post on it, but he isn’t much of a write. I’d recommend most people start their research by checking out!

    We got our wedding bands here at a local store, and while we got amazing service, the price was a bit higher.

    That is so odd that he never emailed you back!

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