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How to stay healthy when travelling


Good morning Loves.  As you know I love to travel and with my new job as a social media consultant I’m getting to do it for business as well as pleasure.  Traveling is fun because you get to stay in hotels, explore new cities and work from remote locations.  However with busy schedules, meetings and late nights it’s not always to easy to stay healthy when travelling.

I’ve travelled quite frequently over the last three months and unhealthy habits from travelling seem to stick with me even after I get home.  It takes me about a week to shake off all the sugar, carbs and caffeine when I get home from a week (or even a few days) away.  Travelling to new cities is exciting because we get to try new food and indulge in treats that we normally wouldn’t eat.  I don’t know about you but my normal habits usually go out the door when I travel.

When travelling I eat in bed (sometimes from room service), which I never do at home.  I always order dessert with a meal, which I also don’t usually do and I don’t bring my running gear because it takes up extra room in my suitcase.  Those are all usual healthy habits that go out the door when travelling.

During my most recent trip I decided that I would no longer live an unhealthy lifestyle while away from home.  Here are a few ways I try to stay healthy while travelling:

Keep fruit in your hotel room

Breakfast is always the hardest meal of the day for me.  I don’t really like to leave my room before I have to in the morning and room service is always a waste of money for breakfast.  The last hotel I stayed at charged $18 for coffee, toast and muffins.  Keeping fruit in the hotel room for breakfast and snacking avoids binge eating and over spending.

Limit your spending per meal

Most companies give a daily spending limit for business travel.  I like to limit myself to $5 a meal for breakfast and $10 each for lunch and dinner.  That definitely helps control portions and calories.

Plan your meals ahead of time

Whenever I travel to a new city  I always like to look up restaurants online and plan my meals.  That way I am less likely to snack during the day if I’m looking forward to a meal later on.  It’s definitely motivation not to eat when you know you’re having a good meal later on.

Walk whenever you can

You may not have space in your luggage to bring workout gear but that doesn’t mean you can’t be active.  Try going out for a walk to explore the new city or if you’re going from point A to point B try walking instead of taking a cab.  Adding in even 30 minutes of low impact exercise will help you stay active while travelling.

Take advantage of the pool

This is my new travelling trick.  Instead of bringing running shoes and workout gear I just throw a bathing suit into my luggage and swim laps.  It’s a space saving way to keep active while travelling.  After the pool it’s also nice to sit in the sauna and decompress from a busy day.

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