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Is 500 Cash Club a Scam?

Is $500 Cash Club a scam, is a legitimate question.

Recently here on the site, we’ve been sharing opinions and research into a variety of different money-making schemes. Some of them are legit. Some are overblown but still have the potential to make money. Others are just scams.

So, what about $500 cash club? Is it a scam? Let’s do some digging.

What is the $500 Cash Club?

$500 Cash Club claims to be a way that you can earn money. It’s so-named because supposedly if you watch their video, you earn your first $500. However, all reports online indicate that it doesn’t really work this way.

It’s similar to Daily Income Method in that the goal is to get you to sign up and promote a second brand. In this case, if you join $500 Cash Club, then you promote MOBE.

MOBE appears to be a legitimate business. If you have strong affiliate marketing skills, you might be able to make money marketing MOBE.

What is MOBE?

MOBE is an acronym for My Online Business Education. It teaches people how to make money online. As such, this business sells a variety of different products. You have to pay to take the classes. When you promote them to others, you get a percentage of sales.

If you are highly skilled at marketing products and services online, then you can earn money off of this. Is MOBE a scam? Well, last year it was shut down by the FTC. The government determined that all MOBE sells is memberships to MOBE. Moreover, they say that you can’t typically make the kind of money that the ads promise. Therefore, you can’t even promote MOBE anymore.

Is $500 Cash Club a Scam?

The answer to this question appears to be yes. MOBE itself was a scam. $500 Cash Club was set up entirely as a means to promote MOBE. People joined $500 Cash Club in large part because ads promised that you could make $500 in a single day online. That simply wasn’t true.

Insight Into These Scams

$500 Cash Club is just one of a series of scams that are all very similar. Pay attention when you see advertisements that say you can easily make a lot of money online quickly. In particular, look for these red flags:

  • One business leads you to another. In this case, $500 Cash Club leads to MOBE.
  • You have to pay money in order to make money.
  • The ads guarantee that the business has a unique system to help you make money fast.
  • The system suggests that you don’t have to work hard.
  • The numbers are too good to be true.

Yes, you can make money online. However, if you see these warning signs, then you’re probably getting lured into a scam.

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