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Is Smart Dollars Club a Scam?

Is Smart Dollars Club a scam?

That’s the first question that many people ask when they hear about this opportunity. In fact, whenever people hear about a chance to get rich quick, they automatically ask if it’s a scam. And well they should. That’s because there are a lot of scams out there. Is this one of them?

What Is Smart Dollars Club?

The Smart Dollars Club claims to be “the #1 online prize rewards program.” They say that they pay more than all other competitors combined. They must be paying out a fortune because they also claim to have more than one million members.

So how is it supposed to work?

They say that if you sign up, then you get access to paid surveys, giveaways, and other valuable rewards. Basically, you just enter your email address, then you have the chance to participate in things online to earn money.

When you first sign up, you have to answer one survey for free. This is what makes you a member. Then you get access to a second survey, for which you allegedly receive $100. They go on to advertise that you can earn up to $300 per day.

People Asked: Is Smart Dollars Club a Scam?

As soon as people started seeing Smart Dollars Club online, they began to ask if it was a scam. After all, if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Can you really earn $300 per day answering surveys online? Most people figured this was unlikely.

However, even if that part isn’t true, it could still be worth it to take those initial two surveys to get that first $100 right? Maybe, but that also sounds too good to be true. That’s why so many people are asking: “Smart Dollars Club (Is It a Scam?)”

What Reviewers Say

A quick online search of people’s experiences reveals that it’s smart to be skeptical of Smart Dollars. It turns out that most people say that it is indeed a scam.

For example, Laetyn over at Family Time Income signed up for the service so that he could offer an in-depth review. He warns against anyone signing up for this. Not only will you not get your $300 per day or your $100 for those first two surveys, but you’re also taking some big risks. He warns that they ask you to give out a lot of personal information, which they turn around and sell. At best, you’ll get a lot of spam emails. At worst, if you used similar login information to what you use on other personal accounts, then you put yourself at risk of identity theft. While we can’t say for sure that Smart Dollars Club leads to that, he says that you don’t make money off of it so why would you take the risk.

Similarly, Chris at 3hundrd has reviewed the site and answered that it seems to be a scam. Like Laetyn, he notes that once he entered his email address on the Smart Dollars Club site, he was taken to a completely different site. Notably, Laetyn was taken to Global Test Market, while Chris was taken to Zen Surveys. Neither of them received money for taking a survey.

These are just two examples of countless reviews of Smart Dollars Club that indicate you can’t make money off of this program. Therefore, if you’re wondering if Smart Dollars Club is truly a scam, the answer is probably yes.

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