Let Your Budget Take A Personal Day


 Monday was one of those days where I woke up and my first thought was:

“Not gonna happen.”

Even though I finished up the night before with a killer cocktail of a fish-oil pill, a multivitamin, a good layer of night cream, some yoga poses, and a nice glass of water (the “grown-up martini“), I woke up feeling ready to knock on death’s door.

I wasn’t sick, but my body and my brain needed a break.

Ya know what I mean?  I knew I had to call in just take the day to recharge, so that’s just what I did.  Recharged.

So if we all know our body needs a little recharging every now and then, shouldn’t the same principle go for all aspects of our life – sexy budget included?

Not convincing enough?  How’s this – Lloyd and I see each other a lot.  Maybe too much.  Sometimes I think we might take each other for granted…

But, last weekend, he was out of town all weekend for a bachelor party (third this summer!) and by the time he got back, it was like first love all over again.  Our eyes met on Sunday afternoon and we were like star-crossed lovers, it was like our love could conquer anything…that is until his weekend bag exploded all over our apartment.

The same holds true for exercise – how energized do you feel after taking a day or two (or three or four) off from the gym?  If you hit it too hard too many days in a row, eventually you’ll get sluggish and you just won’t be throwing down squat thrusts quite like you used to.

So, you see, every budget needs a teensy break every now and then.  Don’t get too excited.  I don’t mean you should trade in your beater for an Audi or your brown bag for a 5-star restaurant.

Keep it relative.  If you’re in massive amounts of debt, maybe a McDonald’s 59 cent ice cream cone will suffice.  If you’re debt free and on the fast track to financial freedom, maybe a new golf club or sweater will keep you in line.

Believe me, a little wiggle room will make your budget more successful.  Some of my recent splurges?  New sparkly tennis shoes and a nice dinner out with Lloyd.  These little breaks from my saving were just what I needed to keep me right on track.

What do you do to let you budget, relationship, life, etc. take a personal day?

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  • AGREED! I feel like the trip I am taking this weekend includes all of them into one: Day off from work, day off from talking on the phone with the BF (and actually being with him in person), perhaps a little splurge in the budget, and we’ll see if I get in a run this weekend or not. 😉 Tennis shoes are packed but I have a feeling they may be taken out just for a hike.

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