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Should You Pick Designer Clothes Over Regular Clothes?

Designer Clothes Over Regular Clothes

Do you choose designer clothes over regular clothes? That’s something that I’ve never done. I honestly just can’t see the value. However, many people do make this choice. Therefore, there must be some argument for doing so. Let’s explore the pros and cons.

I Never Pick Designer Clothes Over Regular Clothes

I really do love fashion. Therefore, I definitely enjoy looking at designer clothes. In fact, I was just looking through an issue of Vogue magazine the other day. In it, I saw a gorgeous bra and panty set. The panties alone cost over $1000. For one pair of panties! I can’t fathom who would buy that or why.

Of course, many people who pick designer clothes over regular clothes would still skip the $1000 panties. Maybe you only choose designer for black tie affairs or for weddings or for your best work attire. I’ve worked from home for most of my life and I don’t go to black tie affairs, so that’s out of my realm of experience.

Why Some People Pick Designer Clothes Over Regular Clothes

The Mini Millionaire argues that designer clothes are better because:

  • The clothes are designed to last longer. There’s some debate about this, as I’ve seen arguments that these clothes aren’t always made with better materials and techniques after all. That said, they’re supposed to last longer than regular clothes.
  • Since they last longer, you don’t have to replace them as often, and therefore you might actually save money in the long run.
  • Designer clothes are more comfortable. Since I don’t buy them, I can’t speak to this either way. That’s what The Mini Millionaire says, though.
  • They help you look your best and feel great. Again, I don’t care about designer clothes, so I don’t really see this. But some people do.
  • Perhaps you’ll earn more money. The Mini Millionaire argues that statistically you’re more likely to get higher paying jobs and promotions when you wear more expensive work clothes.
  • They retain their resale value. That’s a fair point. I love to wear my clothes, treat them well, then donate or sell them. Designer clothes tend to hold their value more, so you can get more back from selling them. As a result, over the course of their life span, they might not actually cost you much more than regular clothes.

Courtney Carver, Project 333

Perhaps you’ve heard of Courtney Carver. She started Project 333, a minimalist clothing challenge in which you wear 33 or fewer items, including shoes and accessories, for three months. The idea is that you can simplify your mornings, reduce deacons fatigue, declutter your closet, and reap other benefits by limiting what you choose to wear.

I’ve been reading her book “Soulful Simplicity.” She shares in this book about how she loved fashion, coveted Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, and “kept aspiring to own more brand-name clothing and to have more options.” However, after Project 333, she realized that she didn’t want more clothes at all. And she noticed that no one cared what she was wearing. She writes,

“I was working full time in advertising sales for magazines targeting a very affluent audience. Between in office sales meetings, client lunches, and community events, I was out and about most of the time, with many of the same people. No one noticed I was wearing the same few things for three months.” That included wearing “the same dress to every holiday function and even that year.”

So, do people really care what you’re wearing to work? For the most part, if you’re dressed appropriately, probably not.

Are You Using Designer Clothes To Meet a Need?

Why do you want designer clothes? Do you truly love them? Maybe you enjoy supporting a particular designer whose creative vision you love. That’s great. But many people are trying to meet an unspoken need or desire by buying “the right clothes.” You want to feel more professional, sexier, more powerful. You want people to view you as having a certain amount of money or power or prestige. If the underlying issue is emotional or psychologically, ultimately, the clothes aren’t going to solve the problem.

There’s a Middle Ground Between Designer and Fast Fashion

The biggest argument for choosing designer clothes is that they last longer and feel more comfortable. In other words, they’re better quality. However, that’s usually in comparison to fast fashion. Fast fashion items are bad for the environment, bad for the people paid low wages to make them, and do often last for only a few wears before you have to toss them out.

However, you don’t have to go with designer brands to find comfortable, well-made clothes. Learn to shop wisely. Look for quality. Shop second hand, whether you buy designer brands or not. Shop indie makers who put a lot of care into their design quality. Look for the middle ground.

So Should You Pick Designer Clothes Over Regular Clothes?

Ultimately, it’s totally up to you how you budget your money. If designer clothes make you happy and align with your values, then enjoy them. If buying them is putting you into debt, ask yourself if that stress is really worth it. Ultimately, buying fewer clothes that are well-made and fit well and feel great will be the best route, whether you choose designer brands or not.

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