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What are you waiting for?

Start Starting Line Americorps Cinema Service Night Wilcox Park May 20, 20118What would make you happy? What’s your big goal?

To get out and find that special someone? To write a book? To find a better job? To exercise more?

Whatever it is, I bet you’ve got some reasons why you’re not quite “ready” yet.

At least, I normally do whenever I’m facing a big goal.

I’ll get started when…

It can be scary to start something, especially something you’ve really built up in your mind. So we come up with reasons why we’re not quite ready yet:

…We need more experience.

…We need more time.

…We’ll start after we finish X, Y, or Z.

…We’ll read some books first and then get started.

But you’ll never really feel 100% ready, like you’ve got every single piece in place and you can know for sure that nothing will go ever wrong. Sometimes you just have to start and figure it out as you go along. Sometimes all the things you think you need to do first are just your way of avoiding the scariness of getting started.

So…what are you waiting for?





photo credit: Steven Depolo


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