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Why I Will Never Buy A Home

Good morning Loves.  I have a personal confession to make, I am 33 years old and I rent an apartment.  I know what most of you personal finance chicas and chicos are thinking – But Why?  Trust me I get that all the time.  The truth is I have been renting an apartment since I was 18 years old and I don’t think I will ever buy a home.

I am a lifelong renter

I tried to buy a home twice and both times I backed out of the deal.  The first time I made an offer on a newly renovated condominium and when someone out bid me I didn’t submit a counter offer.  The second time I tried to buy a home I actually gave the developer a check to reserve my unit.  I went home, had a panic attack and two days later I went back to the developer to get my check.  The offer and reservation were contingent upon being approved for financing so I told the contractor that the bank did not approve me for a mortgage.  And that was that.

The thought of a big commitment such as buying a home is absolutely terrifying for me.  I try to picture myself sitting down at the notary’s office and signing on the dotted line but honestly I just don’t see it.  The thought of making such a huge financial committment really freaks me out.  The thought of signing a document that attaches me to living in the same place also scares me.

I have lived in my apartment for almost six years and before this I lived in my previous apartment for four years.  I am not a big fan of change, but I would at least like the option.  If I buy a home I feel like I would be stuck.

Buying a home is not my thing

I live with my boyfriend in our apartment and just the thought of buying a big home gives me a headache.  I don’t want to shovel snow, take out the garbage and cut the grass.  When I think of having a big house I think of all the time and commitment it’s going to take to keep it clean.  A bigger house means more work and I just don’t have the time to spare.

In my childhood home my sister and I had to help out with weekly chores, that means there were four people cleaning the house.  The experience will be much different when there are only two of us.   I have a hard enough time trying to clean my apartment on Sunday’s let alone try to clean a big house with indoor and outdoor maintenance.  My boyfriend would like me to clean the apartment twice a week, but in our 15 years together that has yet to happen.

Maybe I’m a chicken, maybe I’m afraid of commitment, who knows?  All I can say is I like the carefree, commitment free lifestyle that comes with renting an apartment.  That’s why I will never buy a home.

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