15 Horrible Yet Effective Excuses Women Used to Dodge Their Awful Dates

We’ve all had our fair share of bad dates, but some women’s excuses for escaping them are just as cringe-worthy. Here are 15 of the worst excuses women have used to escape their disastrous dates,  although they do the trick.

‘I’m an early bird’

Feeling a bit off on a date? Calling yourself an early bird is like setting your clock to escape a night date when the sun rises on another opportunity.

The Missing Wallet (Unless He’s Paying!)

For a sneaky exit strategy, pretending to lose or forget your wallet can be a game-changer. Maybe you suddenly realize it at the restaurant or dramatically search your pockets—blaming a missing wallet is a creative way to leave early.

The Forgotten Appointment

Sometimes, the brain just hits the snooze button during a bad date. A lady might conveniently “forget” about a prior engagement, smoothly slipping away from the scene.

The Fake Fatigue

Claiming exhaustion to end a date is the ultimate escape plan. It’s like hitting the snooze button on a boring evening.

The Work Emergency

Claiming to have a work emergency is another classic excuse for ending a date early. Whether it’s a last-minute deadline or a supposed crisis at the office, invoking work commitments can provide a convenient escape route.

The Fake Faint

Pretending to faint to escape a date is the grand finale of exit strategies. It’s like winning an Oscar for best dramatic exit.

The Bathroom Break

A sudden bathroom trip on a date is like hitting the escape hatch without anyone suspecting a thing. It’s the perfect disappearing act.

The Sudden Illness

One classic excuse that women have been known to use is the sudden onset of illness. Whether it’s a migraine, stomachache, or even a fake food allergy, it’s  a convenient way to make a quick getaway without hurting anyone’s feelings.

The Friend in Need

Inventing a friend in crisis offers a socially acceptable excuse to exit stage left from an unenjoyable date. With a look of concern, a woman can apologetically explain that duty calls, leaving her date scratching their head. 

Family Emergency

Ah, the classic family drama card. From a sibling’s “hospital visit” to a pet in trouble, it’s amazing how many emergencies can pop up when needed.

The Fake Food Allergy

Ever had a sudden “allergic reaction” to a dish on a date? It’s like a get-out-of-jail-free card for those who need a quick escape.

The Emergency Call

When you get that emergency call, it’s like a lifeline to escape a date. You could be dealing with a pretend crisis at home or a friend needing urgent help—either way, claiming you’ve got to go can smoothly end the night.

The No-Show Friend

Claiming to have been stood up by a friend can provide a convenient excuse for ending a date early. Whether it’s a supposed mix-up with the meeting time or a friend who simply failed to show up, blaming it on a no-show friend can be a discreet way to make a quick exit.

The Fake Phone Call

Who hasn’t orchestrated a fake phone call to rescue them from a date gone sour? It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it still works like a charm.

The Terrible Traffic

Blaming traffic for ending a date before it even starts is the ultimate escape route. It’s like blaming Mother Nature for your sudden disappearing act.

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