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4 WeChat Scam Signs To Watch Out For

WeChat scam

WeChat scamWeChat is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, with hundreds of millions of active participants using the platform regularly. Unfortunately, its massive popularity has made it a lucrative target for scammers looking to fleece victims out of their money. Although the exact details of the latest scams change, there are some warning signs common to WeChat scams that can help you identify and avoid these scams. Here are four WeChat scam signs to look out for.

Sign 1 – Lucrative Rewards For Little Effort

Some of the most frequently encountered scams on WeChat are scams that offer big rewards for a small token from you. In some cases, it’s a request for a small amount of money that will be invested on your behalf. In other cases, the scammer offers to provide you with an opportunity to earn a lot of money or start your own business for a small fee. In all of the cases, any money you send will be kept by the scammer and you will receive little or nothing in return.

Sign 2 – Giving Personal Information To Get Prizes

Another type of popular WeChat scam is alerting you that you have won a prize and you just have to provide your name, address, and other personal information to claim what you’ve won. Unfortunately, this is usually part of a scheme to get your information so it can be sold to advertisers or others who can monetize your details. Many people do not realize that they’ve been scammed until the prize never arrives and they cannot get into contact with anyone about it.

Sign 3 – Casual Contacts Asking For Money

This WeChat scam is as old as the internet. Someone charming or interesting becomes one of your contacts and strives to create a friendship or some other type of relationship. Once they have gained your trust, they request money, generally for an emergency, and promise to pay you back, often with interest so you’ll come out ahead of the game. Just like any other monetary scam, once they get everything they can out of you, they’ll disappear to pull the scam on some other unsuspecting victim. In some cases, they impersonate a relative or a real friend, so it’s better to never send money based on an online request.

Sign 4 – QR Codes For Great Deals

With this scam, the fraudsters offer popular products at a steep discount and all you have to do is scan the attached QR code to get the deal. The trick is that the QR code is a Trojan horse that will infect your device with malicious software. In many cases, that software is used to steal important information, like your account numbers, user names, and passwords. To keep yourself and your information safe, you should never scan QR codes from unknown sources.

These are just some of the WeChat scams currently circulating on the social media platform. Scammers are inventive and change their tactics all of the time, but by being vigilant and noting suspicious activity, you can greatly increase your chances of spotting a scam before you become a victim.

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