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7 Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts

Easy and cheap Valentine's Day Gifts that you can DIY.
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner  – it’s on Sunday – you may be searching for the perfect gift for your sweetheart.  Let me let you in on a little secret…you don’t need to spend a fortune planning the perfect evening at an expensive restaurant and a huge bouquet of flowers.  All you need to do is put a little love (and thought) into your gift.

Gentlemen let me give you a little help…don’t spend money on a generic (a.k.a. traditional) gift that you think your woman wants, spend money on a personalized gift you know she’ll love.  Flower shops hike up the prices on Valentine’s Day so avoid them at all costs.

If you want to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift but don’t have a lot of money to spend try these gifts I know you’re lover will love.  I know I would (that’s a hint in case BF is reading).

Photo album

A framed picture is always a good gift, but a photo box or album is even better.  If you and your sweetie are snap happy this is the perfect gift to chronicle your relationship.  If you opt for the photo box you can even fill it with chocolates and there’s no need to visit Godiva, Hershey’s Kisses will do.  You can find Umbra photo boxes for around $25 and chocolates should cost no more than $10.

A Groupon Getaway

Romantic weekends don’t need to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, all you need to do is check Groupon.  I have a friend who just spend 3 days in the Bahamas for under $300 thanks to Groupon Getaways.  Sign up for deals in your area

Couple’s massage

This may have a higher price tag if you book it on Valentine’s Day.  Give your special someone the Valentine’s Day card with gift certificate and book the appointment for a week or two later to save money.  Or better yet write the appointment details in the card, that way you know it’s taken care of.

Unplugged weekend

What could be better than spending a whole two days together without any interruptions.  Give your Valentine the gift of alone time.  No phones, no laptops and no tables – just the two of you for 48 hours.  Oh and did I mention this costs absolutely nothing.  #Priceless

Romantic playlist

Sneak your sweethearts iPod or Phone and create a special playlist for them full of their favorite songs and romantic soundtracks.  For my 80s-born-friends this is the 2016 equivalent of making a mix tape.  I love the song Take My Breath Away from the movie Top Gun and Almost Paradise from Footloose. You also can’t go wrong with a little Boyz to Men and Marvin Gaye.

Sexy movie marathon

There’s nothing like a good love scene to set the tone for Valentine’s Day weekend.  Load up your Netflix playlist and line up the DVDs to enjoy a sexy movie marathon with your sweetheart.  This is a cheap Valentine’s Day gift, but also a unique date idea for anytime of the year.

Home-cooked dinner

If you and your Valentine are always busy take some time to cook a good meal together and sit down to enjoy dinner.  Don’t forget the dessert – maybe something you can eat in bed.

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