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Costco Flowers: Should you buy them?

Flowers are so beautiful and they make a wonderful addition to any dining table or anywhere else around your home. But they can be costly.

And what if you’re planning a wedding, shower, or large party and you’re on a tight budget? Flowers can be the line item that takes your budget over the top. After all, you’re paying for the flowers (at retail!) as well as the service of the florist.

Whether you just want flowers for your home or you’re planning a big event where you’d like to have floral arrangements, Costco can be a money-saving option. There are a few things to consider though before rushing out to get your flowers.

First, there’s the membership fee for Costco. For the average household, it’s $55 per year. If you’re buying other items on a regular basis, the membership fee is definitely worth the cost. After all, you can save money on a number of other items from batteries to groceries to televisions and even eyeglasses. But if you’re only buying flowers for your wedding, you may want to crunch the numbers based on how many flowers you need and what price you’d pay at another wholesaler to determine if the fee is worth it.

Then there’s the drive. If you’re local Costco is only a few minutes away and offers great parking, it may be worth it. But if you have to drive to the next town, deal with traffic, use up a tank of gas, and the whole trip takes a half a day or more, it may not be worth the savings.

But if you decide that the membership fee is worth the expense and the trip to Costco is reasonable, you’ll find great prices on flowers.

If you’re buying in bulk, for say a wedding, you’ll find very reasonable prices. For instance, a package of 75 Roses, 20 Oriental Lilies, and 20 Callas will run you about $130 at Costco. And filler stems such as Baby’s Breath, Leather Leaf, and Baby Eucalyptus are $95 for 127 stems. Less than half of what you’d pay retail at a florist. Of course you’ll have to do some arranging yourself, but you can find some wonderful arranging ideas on Pinterest for your Costco bouquets.

Of course, you can also buy pre-arranged flowers as well. A bridal bouquet with two dozen roses costs about $50 at Costco compared to $150 at a florist. And an entire set of flowers including a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, a toss away, corsages, boutonnieres will run about $300-$450 depending on the flowers you choose and how many bouquets you need.

Want to send flowers to a friend or family member for a special occasion or to let them know you’re thinking of them? No problem, Costco offers online ordering and even overnight delivery. They have a variety of bouquets ranging from $40-$50 with as many as 30 stems (sometimes more) ready to go. You can order online and have them delivered or pick them up yourself at your local store.

So, are Costco flowers worth the cost? If you’re close enough to shop there on a regular basis, they are, without a doubt, a great deal. Considering all the other benefits that come with your Costco membership, how can you go wrong?

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  • I actually use our nearby Kroger as our go-to place for flowers. They’re very reasonable on price, the quality is high, and the location is great. If we had a Costco around the corner, that might work, but our nearest Costco is 7.5 miles away, which makes it just far enough away for a round trip that you have to have a pretty good shopping list to make it worth it.

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