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Do you pay to be pretty?

Do you pamper and take care of yourself to look good?Even if I also enjoy pampering up from time to time,here's why I don't want it to go to extreme measures.

I think to a certain extent we all do. We buy face wash to keep blemishes away, we buy hair cream to control the frizz and we buy scented creams to keep our skin youthful and soft.  So here’s my questions, why do we spend so much money to look pretty?

It makes us feel good

I personally love pampering myself and as self centered and completely superficial as it sounds buying beauty products makes me feel good about myself.  I know there are moms all around the world who are telling their daughters right now that they don’t need to wear makeup to be pretty – and that’s true.

But what if we (as daughters) want to do it?  What if we know we don’t need to buy mascara and lipstick to be pretty but what if we want to because it makes us feel good?  Does that make it O.K.?

It boosts our self esteem

My answer would be yes.  I am by no means a glamazon.  I don’t wake up an hour early in the morning to get full hair and makeup done before I leave for work.  I wake up 30 minutes before I have to leave, throw my hair in a ponytail and grab breakfast on the go.  However I never leave my home without lip gloss and perfume.

I wear glasses so eye makeup is a complete waste on me.  However I do invest in a good lip gloss that gives my pale Eastern European skin some color and a Benefit powder because it makes my skin look smooth and hides the shine.

Call me self obsessed but it really boost my self esteem when boys turn their head on the street to look at me (even though I’ve been living with BF for 16 years).  In my opinion $7 for lip gloss and $30 for foundation powder is well worth my self esteem.

Everything in moderation of course

To my own dismay I don’t look like Nicki Minaj or Gisele Bundchen and that’s O.K. I’m sure I could if I wanted to (with the help of a good plastic surgeon) but I’m just not willing to pay $50,000 to do so.  Trust me when I say I wish I did look like a supermodel, but that’s just not me.  I’m the girl who cherishes a good lip gloss if it’s on sale and spends $60 on a massage three times a year, and that’s about it.

If making yourself feel good is how you want to spend your money then I say do it.  But there’s a difference between supermodel envy and giving your natural beauty a little boost.  Being obsessed with your own looks can only lead to extreme measures and that can’t be good for your health or your wallet.

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