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How Much Money Should You Tip at Massage Envy? 

When it comes to spending money, there is nothing greater to splurge on than a nice massage. A relaxing full-body massage can help you to purge your mind of stressful thoughts and rid your body of unwanted tension. However, even in your post-massage state of euphoria, the subject of tipping has to be approached.

Many Americans find tipping to be complicated and overwhelming. It seems that every person has heard of different rules that must be followed. It is not fun to rumble frantically through your wallet at the end of your relaxing massage. After all, do you even have cash on you? And how much should you leave your massage therapist? This question does not always have a simple and concise answer.

Rather than sweat the little things, I’ve rounded up some general rules for how much money you should tip for a variety of services.

The Rules

Restaurant Waiters: Tip your servers 15-20% of your bill for good service. You do not have to tip on alcohol. For the bar, tip a couple dollars per drink.

Take out: Nothing is required of you, but a dollar or two is recommended for kind service. For fast food restaurants with jars, it is totally up to you.

Curbside luggage check-in: Give $1 to $2 per bag, and more for oversized bags.

Taxis: Tip around 15% of your fare.

Massage: Give your therapist an additional 10% to 20% of the massage cost as a tip.

Hair salon: Tip your hair dresser 10-20% of the bill, but remember, you do not have to tip salon owners.

Nail salon: The standard for nail technicians is to tip 15% of the overall cost of your services.

Barber: Give $2-3 per head to your barber.

You are not recommended to tip owners, even if they are the ones to provide your massage, nail/hair services, or to bring you your food at their restaurant. Tips are designed for workers at businesses, but not for business owners.

As for Massage Envy, there are a few other items to take into consideration. A one hour massage typically costs about $55-60 for members and around $100 for nonmembers. They suggest that you tip your therapist based on the nonmember rate. This means that your tip would range somewhere from $10-20 for a one hour massage, even if you are a member at Massage Envy. Depending on the location, prices may vary. Some members of Massage Envy choose to tip off of the going-rate of massages in their area, rather than tipping on the nonmember rate. If massages in your area usually cost around $80 per hour, your one hour massage tip would range from $8-16.

Massages are designed to relax us… do not let the stress of tipping ruin your tranquil vibes! Take into account what you can afford, the standard of service that you received, and how much you paid for the service. When you save up for your massage, put aside some money for the tipping service as well. On the day of your massage, you will be stress and worry free, and you will avoid all awkward encounters. Leave Massage Envy feeling good about the entire experience. With these easy guidelines, you will be prepared for all tipping encounters to come!

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  • I feel sad for the Massage therapists who work at Massage Envy! They are not paid well and overworked ! The going rate is usually $15 an hour.. definitely not fair! They work hard and get burnt out soon. Yes definitely tip them! It’s no wonder Massage therapists DON’T stay there long ! And then you see and hear about all the men that have sexually assaulted women clients.. 2 happened in our area … and then somehow it gets swepted under the rug.. you never hear anything after that.. I guess people pay them off ??? Be careful where you get massages!

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