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Last Minute Christmas Gifts Under $20


It’s the time of the year when we have to start shopping for, buying and giving gifts to our family, friends and co-workers.  I don’t know about you, but it seems that everywhere I turn I’m being picked for a Secret Santa gift exchange and that means finding easy Christmas gifts.

$20 seems to be the magical number when celebrating the holidays with friends and co-workers. I am in two different gift exchanges at work and one with my friends. While I am ready with all of the gift bags I will need, for two weeks I have been looking for the perfect, gender-neutral gift for under $20.

To be honest I’ve found a few really great last minute gift ideas and all I have to do now is decide which one to buy.

Which one of these last minute gifts under $20 would you like to receive?

A board game

We all have some downtime, we all may even enjoy having friends and family over on the weekends.  What better way to pass time than with fun board games and card games.  I always love Monopoly, The Game of Life, UNO and Operation.  Oh and Pictionary.

A Starbucks gift card

There’s nothing like a warm beverage to keep us cozy on a cold winter day.  If gift cards aren’t allowed in your gift exchange than consider gifting a hot chocolate kit with marshmallows, I love those and you can find them at any pharmacy for under $20.  This is what I purchased for my office gift exchange this year.

A journal

Each and every year we have goals, things to do and experiences.  What better than a nice new journal or notebook to write them down.  I would love to get a journal as a gift since I buy a couple of them every year.

A Magic 8 Ball

I once received a Magic 8 Ball in an office gift exchange and I really loved it.  I know it’s silly, but I used it to answer all of life’s important questions such as “Should I order Chinese food for dinner tonight?” and “Should I take a second nap today?”.  It’s a fun gift that never goes out of style however I guess it’s appropriateness depends if your workplace has a sense of humor.

An iTunes gift card

Although Samsung has taken the technology market by storm of the last couple of years I still think that many people have Apple products.  Gifting an iTunes gift card let’s people buy their favorite apps, songs, albums and podcasts.  I can’t think of a better personalized gift without actually knowing what you’re going to buy.

A Calendar for 2016

I like the idea of buying a calendar or an agenda for 2016, but that’s because I’m a planner and I like setting goals.  I buy a paper agenda for my office and for home every year.  My Dad likes using a wall calendar where he can write down appointments and meetings.  As old school as this sounds because nowadays we all have cell phones, some people just prefer seeing their life on paper.

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