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Make-Up On a Budget

I was recently a bridesmaid in a wedding where we had the option to either pay to have our make-up done professionally or we could do it ourselves. To have it done professionally would cost $75 for each of us, and though I understand that you are paying for a service and expensive make-up, it just was a little too steep for my budget.

I did my own make-up for the wedding and boy was I happy that I did. My make-up looked great, I feel no one does my face as well as I do, and my make-up stayed on all day and night – I put it on around 11 am and it was still perfect without retouches at the wedding after party at 3 am. I actually only used make-up that I had, but here is a breakdown of what it would have cost me if I bought everything new for the occasion.

Mascara – Maybelline: Lash Sensational. Luscious à $9

Foundation – Revlon: Colorstay 24 hour Wear à $13

Eyebrows – NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder à $6

Eyeliner – Maybelline: Define-A-Line à $8

Eyeshadow – Almay: Intense I-Color for Brown Eyes à $9

Bronzer- Victoria Secret: Mega Glow Bronzer (I don’t think they still make this product, but I bought it on sale at an outlet for $6)

Highlight – Instinct: Face Trio à $10 (also has a great bronzer instead)

Setting Spray – Ulta: Matte Setting Spray à $10

Total with the Victoria Secret bronzer and setting spray was $71.

I didn’t buy the setting the spray, I borrowed it from a friend, but it was definitely worth it. I think it definitely had a huge impact on my make-up lasting as long as it did. But all of the products that I used totaled less than it would have cost me to pay to have my make-up done, and my make-up outlasted the other girls.


I just did a simple take on my everyday make-up. I started with my foundation, and while that dried I worked on my eye make-up.

For my eyes I started with my mascara, one coat on the top and bottom. While that dries, I moved on to putting my eyeliner on. I only line the outer corner to make my eyes appear larger – and I make sure to line inside the water line. After that, I applied a second coat of mascara to my top lashes and started working on my eyeshadow. I did a dark brown smokey eye with hints of the light colored shadow as my base and on the inner eye while I used the dark primarily on the crease of my eyelid.

Next comes my eyebrows, I use the dark brown in my palette to contour along the bottom of my arch and to shape the top, and fill it in with the light brown.


After my eyes, my foundation was dry so I lined my bronzer from my earlobe to the about an inch away from the corner of my mouth. Then dab what is left on the brush on the top two outsides of your forehead and along the jaw line – it should slightly be like a three motion that you put on the side of your face. I then added my highlighter – I do that by smiling and using the highlighter on round part of my cheek – so it catches the light and makes me glow flawlessly.

And finally, all the make-up has been applied, and finally just close your eyes, and spray the setting spray on your face – about 5 spritz making sure you coat your entire face.  Allow that to dry then apply your lipstick of choice, or in my case, I just applied chapstick and went with an all-natural look for my lips.

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